Paper Towns: Book vs. Movie

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Warning: spoilers.

I am a huge fan of John Green’s novels, and Paper Towns makes no exception. I first read it something like two years ago, and re read it in early August, right before the movie release in France (that is, August 12, why do we have to get everything later).

The book is an absolute 5 stars for me. I like the pace, and find the story original. A lot of people said they didn’t like Margo in the book, but that wasn’t my opinion. I thought she was just mysterious and her choices were somehow justified. I love all the explanations she gives at the end of the book, and somehow want to go on some kind of big adventure like her. And I also like how open the ending is. Have I mentioned that I have a huge crush on Q? Well in case you were wondering, now you know!

I went to see the movie last Sunday, and couldn’t help but compare both of them. (Note: it was the French dubbed version, and for once, it wasn’t that bad… I prefer having the real actors’ voices though!)

Book Margo vs. Movie Margo:

As I mentioned above, I was quite surprised when I saw a lot of people hating Margo after reading the book. I thought her choices made sense, and I like how she takes the time to explain them to Q, both during their night out and at the end of the book. I was a bit surprised at the end the first time I read the book, but after reading it for the second time, it made total sense, and I understood her choice. (I mean, when you see how awful her parents are, it really makes total sense.) I also thought Cara Delevingne was a really good choice for Margo when I saw her in the movie, however, I thought her movie character was a lot less appealing than her book character. Her movie character doesn’t explain things to Q, and I didn’t like that. I didn’t find her that much likeable in the movie, which was quite a surprise.

Book Q vs. Movie Q:

I absolutely love Quentin in the book. Maybe that’s because I find his character relatable – his cosy high school life, until he realises how awesome going on an adventure is. I read the book for the first time at the end of high school, and I can totally relate to the ‘last time’ thing. (Really that was depressing). I found him more stubborn about finding Margo in the movie, to the extent it got annoying (he let them leave without him??? What happened right there?? That didn’t feel right!) But overall, I think he gave the right feeling: awkward, cute when confident to quote Margo, nice, and terribly in love with Margo. Natt Wolf was amazing, he felt just right as Q, so I was really satisfied with it. But I preferred book Q!

Book night out vs. Movie night out:

I really love this part of the book, and it turned out nice in the movie BUT there was more in the book. The part with the flowers was missing, that was too bad. But more importantly, Seaworld was missing, and that was really a pity. Also the book made me feel more I guess. So the book wins this one as well!

Book road trip vs. Movie road trip:

The second part of the book is also much longer as in the movie, but that was not really important, so let’s just move on to the road trip.

My first thoughts: why is Angela coming? Well that was actually a wonderful idea, I think. Good point for the movie (and also good point for Ansel Elgort’s cameo, yes I was not forgetting that!) But then, why did it have to be right before the ball? I mean, in the book, Q spend prom night alone among the troll holes and Margo’s souvenir, and they leave instead of going to graduation. After prom. I really didn’t get that to be honest… But the trip was really nice. And yes I tend to get mad when the movie changes things from the book for absolutely no reason. I will only accept it if it makes sense.

And then the cow accident… It was really a pity that they didn’t carry the whole pack of beers by the way. And why did they have to wait for help? Another thing I cannot understand…

Aside from these changes, though, it was really enjoyable, until they arrived and Margo wasn’t there, and they left without Q, which got me really mad. That really didn’t make sense to me. I totally agree with Ben and Radar when they say it was a mean to spend time together before graduation and then Q got mad… Yes I have way too much feelings for fictional characters and I just relate too much and get too much involved in the story.

Book ending vs. Movie ending:

The book ending left me a bit unsatisfied the first time I read it because I wanted to see what would happen next. But it left space for imagination which was good too. It felt better the second time I read it too. And that’s when the movie arrived… And I have to say the very end was extremely satisfying. It gives some kind of purpose to the story, a reminder that friendship is important, some kind of lesson about senior year… And that is beautiful. So here, I have to say, the movie’s got a point.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of this book, and was a tad disappointed by the movie, but the ending made up for the rest. And also the music is awesome which is also something extremely valuable to me!

Should I talk about series?

This is going to be an article full of spoilers, now you are warned.

I think I have mentioned that I am a huge fan of The 100 (please, give me season 3 already!!) but this is not the only TV show I watch. My cousin recently got me into Pretty Little Liars, but my current addiction is Teen Wolf…

I finally finished season 3 and I feel the need to talk about it. I’m a bit mad at the show for several reasons, to be honest, though I absolutely love it. First I think I never got to accept the fact that Allison and Scott broke up. Really. Not okay. But then Kira showed up, and things evolved between Allison and Isaac, that was cute. (Still didn’t explain why Allison and Scott broke up, but I decided it was somehow okay though there was still everlasting chemistry between them. But Scott spent the entire 3b with Kira, and Allison with Isaac so yeah.) When I had finally gotten over this whole break up thing, they decided it was time for Allison to die. I know, it’s because Crystal Reed wanted to leave the show. I know. But really, was that necessary to the show? She was Lydia’s best friend, and was finally getting steady with Isaac. And her father ends up alone, it’s heart-breaking and almost ridiculous: why did his entire family have to die? (Okay I know Kate is back but she doesn’t count. I don’t like her anyway.) So yeah. She didn’t have to die. But it’s also a beautiful way for her to leave the show, instead of her leaving her friends behind and everything. I guess I am just not okay with teenagers dying…

Yes, I knew Allison was going to die (spoilers yay!). But that doesn’t mean I didn’t spend the entire last episode crying.

From what I heard of the other seasons (moving onto them as soon as I got this posted) I keep seeing original characters leaving the show, and new characters appearing. Yes this is cool. But this feels weird too and I am not getting used to it. Like, it doesn’t look real. Yes, this is a show about supernatural being and I am arguing about the fact that if there are new students arriving and old ones leaving all the time in high school, it is not normal. (and you can’t deny it.) But oh well, I guess it’s also the actors’ choice, and the ones who stay are the motivated ones, I’m not here to blame anyone!

Okay, I am not really sure what the point of this article was, but I felt I needed to write something down, and why not post it? I love series too, so I thought it would be nice to share my love about them here as well. You’re probably going to get another one of these posts when I reach the end of season 5, or rather, when I get to episodes 10, since the rest will follow in January. Now if you got this far, thank you for reading my ramble, and feel free to comment your opinion on Teen Wolf or any TV show you want to recommend! (I watch: Teen Wolf, The 100, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Pretty Little Liars, Merlin, Once Upon a Time. I also watch Korean dramas – I should talk about it someday – and a few animes!)

Allegiant: My Review

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Read from August 21 to August 23

Warning: I’m not even trying not to put spoilers because I want to say my opinion about a lot of things, so if you are reading this, you are now officially warned, and it is still time to stop! Don’t blame me if you didn’t know what happens… (And I had been spoiled, I swear you don’t want to be so stop reading now… Okay let’s start.)

Summary: Chicago is now ruled by the Factionless, but not everyone seems to agree. Tris and Tobias join the Allegiant, a rebel group who wants to reinstate the Factions, and also follow Edith Prior’s instruction and explore what’s outside the city. That’s Tris’s mission, along with Tobias, Christina, Uriah, Tori, Cara and Peter. And Caleb because Tris couldn’t bring herself to let him get executed.

But the outside world is different than what they expected, and they have to face choices once again, death and uncaring governments.

(Not much spoilers so far, but more is coming.)

My opinion: I read Divergent last year and enjoyed it a lot. I finally got into Insurgent in January and I have to admit I didn’t like it as much, but it was still good. To be honest, I thought it had too much of Tris and Tobias fighting, lying to each other, and kissing. Really. But the rest of the storyline was good, and I love Tris’s relationship with Christina, and also with Caleb though it is extremely complex. I hated Caleb a lot through Insurgent, but he reached some point of redemption in Allegiant. That was nice. And the rest of the plot and wars with the Factionless was also really cool. But let’s move on to Allegiant.

First, we have a shared POV, and though I know the necessity of it, it was a bit hard to get used to it. I was a bit surprised with Tobias’s narration, it didn’t feel as mature as I thought it would be. And yes he makes a lot of stupid decisions and is way too focused on his parents. But I got used to it.

Then, I really like the ideas and objectives of the Allegiant group, though we don’t get to see much of them once they are outside the city. And the whole going out of the city seems a bit too simple. Oh well it’s our first meeting here, but let’s get ready to leave on Friday night. And don’t forget to free Caleb first. And if it seems too simple Veronica Roth just kills one or two people. Look, it was hard! (Okay, I don’t know why I sound so harsh, I liked this book even with all its flaws… It’s just that I got mad when Tori died and the whole George-being-alive right on purpose… that’s evil… and that was somehow predictable but really, stop putting me in so much pain!)

And then they were out of the city, and I felt the dynamic was a bit slow at some point. I got a bit bored, I have to admit, and I think the whole plotting and overthrowing the government was a bit repetitive. Not to mention the whole Tris-and-Tobias-deceiving-each-other. (and Nita, dear me, that girl is so annoying. And really WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL URIAH? THAT WAS PLAIN USELESS? Like a lot of other deaths in this series by the way, don’t get me started…)

Though, discovering Natalie Prior’s past was a really good idea. I have always wanted to know more about Tris’s parents, and it was really interesting.

So yeah, it had its good parts, when the pace was fast. I especially loved the part when they got back to Chicago to try and stop Marcus and Evelyn from destroying the city. And then Tris decided to sacrifice herself and I was back in Jeanine’s office were Tris was fighting against herself, and of course she survived it and fulfilled her mission but she also had to die… Why?? (Look, JK Rowling didn’t kill Harry Potter, and yet the ending is amazing. Dear Veronica Roth, killing your characters is not the only way out!! Except if you want me to cry, in which case, congratulations, I cried.)

So yeah, I liked this book but some parts disappointed me. I thought giving it 3 stars would be a bit harsh, so I gave it 4, but it’s more like 3,5. I would love to see your opinion as well!

All the Bright Places: My Review

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Read from August 19 to August 21

I heard so many good reviews about this book, I thought it was at least a few years old, something like The Fault in our Stars, and then I realised it had been published in 2015. I guess time flies. So I thought I’m not that late for writing a review, let’s give it a go. I just bought it a few days ago, and once I started it, I couldn’t put it down (except to prevent the tears from ruining it).

All the bright places, by Jennifer Niven. “The story of a girls who learns to live from a boy who wants to die.” That’s what’s written on the (gorgeous) cover. The summary is but a few sentences, and I didn’t really know what to expect, except that it was apparently amazing and heartbreaking. Well I wasn’t disappointed.

The story in a nutshell, if you don’t know what it’s about: Violet Markey lost her sister in a car accident last year and is still feeling the guilt. She is in senior year and counting the days til graduation. Theodore Finch thinks about death, about his death, and about suicide. His schoolmates call him Freak. He has but a few friends. At school, he is on probation. His family is unstable. The book starts with the first day of what he calls “the Awake” that is, he is feeling better and going outside again. Incidentally, it is the beginning of the second semester. He meets Violet on the ledge of the bell tower of the school, about to jump. And he decides to stick to her. Finally, Violets learns to live again. But Theodore is drifting away.

My opinion: In the acknowledgments, Jennifer Niven says that she wanted to write “something tough, hard, sad but funny” and she sure did manage that. The story is extremely beautiful, and the characters are appealing. This might be my biased opinion, but really, I couldn’t help falling in love with Theodore Finch. (Really. Tall? Blue Eyes? Dark hair? How could I not fall for him?) I got really involved in the story, and even if the ending was a bit predictable, I couldn’t help feeling it abrupt, unexpected. I felt so empty after putting it down. I tend to cry a lot when I read books but this one got me on a whole new level emotionally… I think it changed me too. It is beautiful, and sometimes light, but it is also serious and important. It is a book about death, about high school, about friendship, about love. It is a book about accepting yourself, about carrying on. I don’t know. It’s just so powerful and significant. This book is so important. And yes, my heart was broken to a million pieces, but it was worth it.

If you haven’t read this book yet, I recommend you do so right now. And if you feel like your heart wasn’t broken enough, check out the author’s note and the acknowledgments. And in case you were wondering, I gave it 5 stars.

About me, and books, and writing (and a lot of stuff)

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I don’t know exactly where I am going with this article, but I suddenly felt I had to write something like this, so here I am. Ever since first grade, I have always loved reading, and writing. As far as I can remember, I would spend my Wednesday afternoons at the library and my holidays reading, and I would tell everyone I wanted to be a writer. What have I done so far? Nothing much. In terms of reading, a lot, that is for sure. And the more I read, the more I want to read, and the more I want to write. I have tons of drafts and on-hold fanfictions, as if I were waiting for some kind of trigger, someday I would wake up and realise oh yes, I’m going to write the novel of my life. For now I stick to drafts and start new ones frequently. I really enjoy writing my fanfictions, because they have something more than those drafts: people read them. And this is also the reason why I started this blog. Because when I write, I feel like I’m talking to someone. And if no one reads it, I’m just screaming into the void. So out there, on the internet, maybe someone will read it.

After high school (that was two years ago) I went to some kind of smart kids university. It’s a French special thing where instead of one or two courses, you have to follow six subjects and work twice as hard for every single one of them. I learnt a lot, but it was terribly hard. It lasted for two years, and now it is over, I am going back to ‘normal’ university. I’m going to study English and Literature, and I hope it will be great. Don’t get me wrong, though I suffered a lot, there were some good parts. I made some good friends. And I created a school newspaper with a few friends. That’s what I wanted to talk about. I would mostly talk about books and food (I also love cooking) and really enjoyed it, but now I’m gone and I won’t be able to take part in it any more. Now, uni won’t keep me so busy, I hope, and here I am, talking to the internet about how much I love books.

Maybe it’s just because I am too influenced by other people and book characters. But is that a bad thing? When I write, I get to talk for real. I get to be myself, and reveal a lot more than I usually do. And that feels nice. It is important to me, and I won’t stop.

Sometimes, I randomly search for so-called writing playlists on 8tracks, but most of the time I end up on tumblr after writing a few lines – or my diary. (That’s exactly what I did right now and I came up with about a page, not so bad). Music is also a great part of my life, and maybe you will read about that here as well, though I find it harder to talk about music with words. I tried but it wasn’t very successful… I have to become more confident with my writing maybe. But honestly, the last person who complimented me about it was my 7th grade lit teacher. Anyway.

So once again, welcome to my blog, where I will most certainly talk about books as I already do, but maybe if I feel like it, I will also talk about something else, about more. Maybe I will uselessly ramble about my life. To be honest, I’m taking a huge change in my life this year, since I’m moving back with my parents and transferring uni, so I’m a bit scared right now (though I’ll try not to talk too much about this except if it’s fascinating). I want to achieve something with this blog, though I don’t really know what.

Feel free to talk to me, to comment, to ask questions, to request things, or anything that comes across your mind!

#5books7days 10-16 August

Featured imagemy way too ambitious TBR

I had already seen this kind of challenge on Instagram, but never actually taken part in any of them. I just wondered if I would be able to read 5 books in 7 days but didn’t have the time at that point. But August means holidays and time, and even if the wifi is scarce, that meant I would actually have more time for reading. So when another bookstagrammer proposed a #5books7days challenge for this week (10-16 August) I was in the moment I saw it.

Day 1: I need to finish that book today.

I decided to start slowly, and chose The Hunger Games, which I wanted to re-read. That was the perfect timing. I picked it up in the morning, of course, and everything started to come back to my mind. I think I first read it about two years ago, a bit more. So that was enough time for me to re-read it with somewhat of a new angle, and it was amazing. I honestly think I enjoyed it better than the first time. I actually noticed when I re-read the Harry Potter series earlier this year that I can enjoy books better when I read them for the second or the first time. I’m not sure why, maybe this way I can enjoy the writing better, and concentrate on something else than the omg-what’s-gonna-happen-next feeling I usually have when I read a book. Anyway. It sure involved a lot of crying, I can’t deny that. And probably more than the first time I read it. I don’t know, somehow I got to realise better the misery of District 12. I have changed too, so maybe that helped me see better through the book, realise how cruel it was. And that was a good thing. So yeah, all those feeling in one single day. I proudly closed it in the evening, knowing very well what would happen next (but I can’t help wanting to re-read Catching Fire RIGHT NOW but I’m going to wait a little bit).

Right, that was a lot of talk. Basically, my point is first, I love this book, and second, re-read the books you love because you may end up liking them even more!

My rating: 5 stars forever.

Day 2: I’m not going to bed before finishing this.

Another day, another book. I had bought Wonder only a few days ago, and it wasn’t even in my original August TBR (which I am unexpectedly respecting this month, well so far I only had the books I had brought with me on holidays so that helps). But I included it nevertheless since I was curious about that book. I had read a lot of positive opinions about it through the Bookstagram community (actually I don’t think I have seen any negative opinion, and that is well deserved) but I hadn’t figured out what it was about until I purchased it, and the summary made me even more curious about it. After a few pages, I knew I would love it. It is both sad and beautiful at the beginning, and then it becomes even better. It is touching and moving, it is a book you want to cherish. I personally just wanted to hug August throughout the whole book, though I know I would have had the same reaction as everyone in the book if I had seen him for real. It was so relatable. I have been through middle school (it’s long behind me now… okay maybe not that long) and I know what it’s like to not be a popular kid. But what hurts more is that I know what it’s like to exclude a kid based on his looks or anything of the sort. Even if it was not to August’s extent, we all have that kid in the class no one would talk to. Deep inside, maybe I felt bad ignoring and avoiding that kid, but talking to him was worse. And now I feel bad about it. So yeah, that was a good lesson.

What you need to know about that book: it’s witty and amazing, anyone can read it, and if you haven’t yet, you’re missing something!

My rating: 5 stars.

Day 3: Can someone remind me why I started this challenge?

Time for classics. I had been wanting to read The Great Gatsby for quite some time, and I bought a second-hand copy a few months ago, so it was finally time I read it. But it was not that much of an easy read, and I only managed to read about 40 pages.

Day 4: Let’s move on to something else.

After struggling a little more with The Great Gatsby, I decided to start something else and finish it later. And so, I started Us by David Nicholls. This huge 400-pages book, yes. One Day is a great favourite of mine, so when I had found this gorgeous second hand edition of Us at my local bookstore, I couldn’t resist. I read about 100 pages, and I loved it already.

Day 5: Time to do some catching up.

I was clearly far behing according to the list I had planned to read during this week, and had still 300 pages ahead of me before the end of Us. But I read and read and read. It’s exactly the kind of book I find hard to put down. David Nicholls is such an amazing author, really. The story is that of a middle-aged couple, who have been married for 20 years. He is a scientist, she is an artist. They have a 17 year old son, and suddenly, Connie (the wife as you probably guessed) tells her husband she thinks it’s time they part ways. Right before the ‘Grand Tour’ across Europe they had planned for the holidays. Douglas, who had already planned to die by her side at an old age, certainly hadn’t seen that coming, and is devastated. Still, they decide to go on the Grand Tour, and as we could have expected, it doesn’t quite go as planned.

The story is told through the eyes of Douglas, and goes back and forth between his first meetings with Connie, and the present day of their relationship apparently drawing to an end. And yet he can’t do anything about it, and also has to face the relationship with his son, Albie, who his as artsy as his mother and wants to be a photographer, while Douglas had already planned for him a perfectly fine and respectable life. Why can’t he be a scientist like his father? As you probably guessed, the relationship is not easy, and this is another important and beautiful issues of the book.

My opinion : This book is perfect. It couldn’t be improved in any way. David Nicholls’s writing is witty and moving. It’s touching in every way, it’s truly beautiful, and I found it so damn relatable. It was really more than I expected, and I’m so glad I read it. As I virtually travelled to Europe, I shared Douglas’s worries (and I have to admit I already went to several places they visited, so that was really nice). As I said, I couldn’t put it down, and indeed, I managed to finish it in the evening. Highly recommended!

My rating: 5 stars.

Day 6: Let’s not waste time (Ooops, too late)

The problem is, this cozy holidays week was spent in Spain, and was rather occupied, so I didn’t have that much time to read. On Saturday, we had to travel back to France and visit my cousins. I got carsick and only managed to read 40 pages of To Kill a Mockingbird, along with a few pages of The Great Gatsby, but I found it hard to get into the story.

Day 7: How am I gonna manage to read all this?

One more day in the car (we still had to go from the south of France back to Paris) but this time I managed to read a lot. I got totally hooked by To Kill a Mockingbird and found it terribly amazing. I even managed to finish it before falling asleep (which wasn’t for granted).

Thr story is more than well-known so I guess you won’t need a summary. As a European resident I’m not very familiar with all the background. We studied it in history class, of course, but not that much (we have too much too do with the Revolution and Napoleon and all the kings and war and Republics and stuff like that. Don’t get me wrong, I love history. But that’s not the point here). So, as I said, I wish I knew more about the 1930s US because it’s fascinating.

I really liked this book, an other one that is hard to put down. It really deserves all the praise. I don’t really know how to put words on my thoughts (to quote Augustus Waters, my thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations, I am a huge fan of this quote, but once again, this is not the point of this article). It’s brilliant and fascinating. History lets us expect the ending, but that doesn’t remove the suspense. And more importantly, I want more. (Now I have to get my hands on Go set a watchman !!)

Rating: 5 stars (yes that’s a lot of 5 stars but I don’t see why I wouldn’t give a good rating if I liked the book!)

I swear I tried to finish The Great Gatsby, but it was already past midnight anyway so I gave up. I have now finished it and I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. The story is extremely well-written, I won’t denied this. I really loved the writing, and the narrator. As soon as the book started, I immediately knew I would love Nick Carraway’s character. That’s what saved the book. I liked Gatsby and Jordan as well, but the characters were like paper characters, if I may (or am I too influenced by Margo Roth Spiegelman?) and I felt like they were distant. The story was happening but everything wasn’t clear. I would have loved to know and understand the characters better. Still, I’m glad I read it since it’s a great classic. But I was waiting for more.

My rating: 3 stars.

So in the end, I had a lot of fun reading this week, and finally managed to get back on track for my yearly Goodreads challenge! Next time I do a #5books7days I will just try to be a bit less ambitious for my TBR, and maybe this time I will manage!

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The Hours & Mrs Dalloway: Mixed Review

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May contain minor spoilers from the two books above! (Just warning you. I don’t think it’s really spoilery but I don’t want anyone to complain after reading what follows!)

I bought Mrs Dalloway last year because we were supposed to study it in class, but eventually we didn’t have the time, so it waited on my shelves until now.

Before school break started, one of my friends lent me The Hours, because I heard so many great things about it I wanted to read it. If you don’t know, The Hours (written by Michael Cunningham) is a fiction about three women through the 20th Century. Each part describes a day in their lives, just like Mrs Dalloway describes a day in Clarissa Dalloway’s life. The first woman is Virginia Woolf herself, and we can see her writing Mrs Dalloway in the 1920s. The second woman, Laura Brown, lives in the 1960s, and all she wants to do is escape her life to read Mrs Dalloway. The third woman is called Clarissa, and her friend Richard gave her the nickname of “Mrs Dalloway” and indeed, her life is surprisingly similar to that of Virginia Woolf’s character, though she lives in the 1990s.

Throughout the story, links and similarities appear between the different characters, though you may have to wait until the end for all the pieces of the puzzle to fall together. This book is extremely clever and well-written. I was a bit disappointed at the beginning, but the ending made up for that (so don’t lose hope!) And it is true, you don’t have to read Mrs Dalloway before, thought it may help, which is the reason I have read it afterwards (and I advise you to do it the other way around).

The Hours is interesting, it’s fascinating. It’s sometimes a bit puzzling but at some point everything makes sense, and that’s why I liked it. It is extremely satisfying. The ending is like a huge revelation and makes you want to read the book all over again, to get the hints, to realise you could have predicted everything. That’s what makes it beautiful. I gave it 4 stars, and I recommend it if you like Virginia Woolf, and if you like classical literature in general.

But enough about The Hours. (It is also a movie if you want to check it out.)

Mrs Dalloway goes through one day in Clarissa Dalloway’s life, and the people she comes across. She is hosting a party in the evening, and that’s the leitmotiv of the book. The story wanders from one character’s mind to another, and goes back to Clarissa’s, and the other supposedly main character, Septimus Smith, a young man who has post war trauma and thinks about his death throughout the entire book. The reader travels through the London of the 1920s and sees people just living their plain life, going to the park, buying flowers, going to the doctor. Planning a party, planning a suicide.

I know it has a good press, but I was disappointed. Yes, it is poetic. It is beautifully written. I won’t deny this, and I liked this side of the novel. But aside from that, I was disappointed. It was not enough for me. It felt something was missing. If I believe The Hours, Virginia spent the day writing, and only would write a few pages. It is obvious she really worked on the poetic aspect of her novel, and I won’t deny it, and it IS beautiful, and beautifully written. It’s a beautiful work, and almost feels like a 200 pages long poem. But I can’t help but wonder, what’s the point of this story? I had really high hopes for this book, and don’t know why I ended up so disappointed but I was. Somehow, I couldn’t relate, I couldn’t get into the story.

The ending is also well-written but leaves me wanting something more. Maybe I missed something, I don’t know. If you have read it and liked it, I would love to read your opinion on it!

Red Queen: My Review

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May contain minor spoilers!

The whole point of making a new blog was because I wanted to share my opinion on books, and first of all, my opinion on Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard, which I just finished yesterday (and had started the day before yesterday. See my point, I couldn’t put it down.) It was published a few months ago and soon became a New York Times Bestseller, as you may have heard. If you’re part of any bookish community, you’ve probably heard of it. You have probably read it already, and I may even sound a little late. But finding books in English when you live in France is a pain in the ass, so here I am. I bought it the day before yesterday, and I have already finished it. That was worth it. And now I’m left with all the feels. And I need the next one like, right now.

The story, if you’re not familiar with it. It’s a dystopia, with touches of romance. The world is divided between two categories of people: the Reds and the Silvers. What’s the difference between them? The colour of their blood. The Reds have red blood, and the Silvers have, well silver blood. Not too hard to follow so far. But that’s not all. The Silvers also have incredible abilities (for example, controlling metal, or fire, or even people’s mind. And a lot of other stuff you will discover if you read the book.) And of course, the Silvers rule with these abilities, and appear to be unbeatable. The Reds, on the other hand, are poor and have no abilities. They can do nothing but obey the Silvers and live under their rule. At the age of 18, boys and girls are sent to war if they don’t have a job. The war has lasted for more than a century, and not a single Red sees the point of it. And yet, all they can do is send their children to death.

The heroine, of course, is a Red girl. Her name is Mare Barrow, she has three older brothers at war, and her 18th birthday is coming soon. She doesn’t have a job, and helps her family by stealing from other people (but she presents it in a much cooler way. And she doesn’t have much of a choice anyway). Her father is a war invalid, and her sister is learning embroideries. Mare is waiting for her 18th birthday and trying to find a way to escape the army. Except one day, the Silvers discover she has a special ability of her own, and a strong one at that. They turn her into a long lost Silver princess who was raised by a Red family, and decide she will marry the younger son of the king, who is about her age.

Except Mare is not going to accept that kind of fate. She has to deal with her newly found abilities, but more than that, she wants justice for the Reds.

I won’t tell you more, so if you haven’t read it yet, I advise you to pick it up right now!

The story is described by Starbust as a mix between The Hunger Games, The Selection, and Divergent, and I recognise it as so. You can find bits of it throughout the story, and bits of more. That’s what we are looking forward. At first, you may think the story is predictable. It’s true that a lot of elements are a bit “classical dystopian YA”. If you have read other books that enter this category, it may feel really familiar. But it has also its unique parts, bits that will blow your mind, things you were not expecting, plot twist after plot twist. And that what makes it brilliant. It is beautifully written and it captures your mind. That’s a book I couldn’t put down, and I hope you couldn’t (or won’t) put it down either. I gave it 5 starts without second thoughts.

Yes, if you only read the summary, it may sound like nothing much. But it is also so much more. It is not just a pale copy of already existing dystopian YA novels, though you can feel their influence. It is a whole new world on its own, and it is brilliant. To speak in fandom vocabulary, I’ll just say it has SO MANY FEELS and that is true. My heart was beating throughout the story, and I discovered every bit of it through the eyes of Mare, at the same rhythm, expecting the same things. I was in love with her family just like her. I was happy when she was happy, sad when she was sad, ashamed when she was ashamed, deceived when she was deceived. And that was beautiful. Now I cannot wait for the sequel because damn, it kept surprises until the very end, and I want to know what happens next. February, come faster please!

Welcome to my world

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Hello dear! I’m just another 19 year old student and fangirl. My name is Clémence and I’m kinda addicted to a lot of things. Internet is one of them. Books are another one. I already have tons of blogs (one about Asian dramas, one about cooking as well as two tumblr accounts and tons of social media) but I can’t help it. I need a new one, to talk about books! And I want to do things right. I always hope I’ll be satisfied with my blogs, so I hope this time will be the one!

My passion for reading started just when I learnt how to read. I slowed down when I started watching dramas, but now I’m back for good (I figured out I could handle both).

This whole blog idea started with Instagram. I made a personal account last year and ended up following lots of Bookstagrammers. And then I thought, why not me? I created a 2nd account, just for books, in early April (right before my exams, another brilliant idea of mine…) And I love it. Not for a moment have I regretted it. The Bookstagram community makes me feel so good, and pushes me to read more. It reminded me of my love for books, and I’m back to reading a lot, and spending days in my books without putting them down, even if my life depended on it. Just yesterday, my mom told me “We won’t see you before you finish that book, right?” and yes, that was exactly my plan. I wasn’t gonna put it down until it was over.

Why make a blog? Because I love writing, and I wanted to share my opinion. On books, and probably on a lot more things. I also want to practise my writing, and I thought this could be a bit more challenging. I can also practise my English, since French is my first language. And I know there is an infinity of blogs, and people love to blog about books, and maybe I’m not qualified enough. So why would I create a blog? It seems I cannot help it. I want to write, and also, I have to admit it, I want to leave some trace on the Internet. I want a trace of me, somewhere, even if I cannot explain why. And I’ll just proceed once again. Maybe I just fear oblivion, like Augustus Waters. Who cares? This is just a blog about books, and I hope you will enjoy reading with me!

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