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Hello dear! I’m just another 19 year old student and fangirl. My name is Clémence and I’m kinda addicted to a lot of things. Internet is one of them. Books are another one. I already have tons of blogs (one about Asian dramas, one about cooking as well as two tumblr accounts and tons of social media) but I can’t help it. I need a new one, to talk about books! And I want to do things right. I always hope I’ll be satisfied with my blogs, so I hope this time will be the one!

My passion for reading started just when I learnt how to read. I slowed down when I started watching dramas, but now I’m back for good (I figured out I could handle both).

This whole blog idea started with Instagram. I made a personal account last year and ended up following lots of Bookstagrammers. And then I thought, why not me? I created a 2nd account, just for books, in early April (right before my exams, another brilliant idea of mine…) And I love it. Not for a moment have I regretted it. The Bookstagram community makes me feel so good, and pushes me to read more. It reminded me of my love for books, and I’m back to reading a lot, and spending days in my books without putting them down, even if my life depended on it. Just yesterday, my mom told me “We won’t see you before you finish that book, right?” and yes, that was exactly my plan. I wasn’t gonna put it down until it was over.

Why make a blog? Because I love writing, and I wanted to share my opinion. On books, and probably on a lot more things. I also want to practise my writing, and I thought this could be a bit more challenging. I can also practise my English, since French is my first language. And I know there is an infinity of blogs, and people love to blog about books, and maybe I’m not qualified enough. So why would I create a blog? It seems I cannot help it. I want to write, and also, I have to admit it, I want to leave some trace on the Internet. I want a trace of me, somewhere, even if I cannot explain why. And I’ll just proceed once again. Maybe I just fear oblivion, like Augustus Waters. Who cares? This is just a blog about books, and I hope you will enjoy reading with me!

Where to find me:

My personal Instagram

My Bookstagram account

My Goodreads account

My ArchiveOfOurOwn account, if you want to read my fanfictions

My main Tumblr

I have tons of other accounts on other websites, so feel free to ask me!


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