About me, and books, and writing (and a lot of stuff)

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I don’t know exactly where I am going with this article, but I suddenly felt I had to write something like this, so here I am. Ever since first grade, I have always loved reading, and writing. As far as I can remember, I would spend my Wednesday afternoons at the library and my holidays reading, and I would tell everyone I wanted to be a writer. What have I done so far? Nothing much. In terms of reading, a lot, that is for sure. And the more I read, the more I want to read, and the more I want to write. I have tons of drafts and on-hold fanfictions, as if I were waiting for some kind of trigger, someday I would wake up and realise oh yes, I’m going to write the novel of my life. For now I stick to drafts and start new ones frequently. I really enjoy writing my fanfictions, because they have something more than those drafts: people read them. And this is also the reason why I started this blog. Because when I write, I feel like I’m talking to someone. And if no one reads it, I’m just screaming into the void. So out there, on the internet, maybe someone will read it.

After high school (that was two years ago) I went to some kind of smart kids university. It’s a French special thing where instead of one or two courses, you have to follow six subjects and work twice as hard for every single one of them. I learnt a lot, but it was terribly hard. It lasted for two years, and now it is over, I am going back to ‘normal’ university. I’m going to study English and Literature, and I hope it will be great. Don’t get me wrong, though I suffered a lot, there were some good parts. I made some good friends. And I created a school newspaper with a few friends. That’s what I wanted to talk about. I would mostly talk about books and food (I also love cooking) and really enjoyed it, but now I’m gone and I won’t be able to take part in it any more. Now, uni won’t keep me so busy, I hope, and here I am, talking to the internet about how much I love books.

Maybe it’s just because I am too influenced by other people and book characters. But is that a bad thing? When I write, I get to talk for real. I get to be myself, and reveal a lot more than I usually do. And that feels nice. It is important to me, and I won’t stop.

Sometimes, I randomly search for so-called writing playlists on 8tracks, but most of the time I end up on tumblr after writing a few lines – or my diary. (That’s exactly what I did right now and I came up with about a page, not so bad). Music is also a great part of my life, and maybe you will read about that here as well, though I find it harder to talk about music with words. I tried but it wasn’t very successful… I have to become more confident with my writing maybe. But honestly, the last person who complimented me about it was my 7th grade lit teacher. Anyway.

So once again, welcome to my blog, where I will most certainly talk about books as I already do, but maybe if I feel like it, I will also talk about something else, about more. Maybe I will uselessly ramble about my life. To be honest, I’m taking a huge change in my life this year, since I’m moving back with my parents and transferring uni, so I’m a bit scared right now (though I’ll try not to talk too much about this except if it’s fascinating). I want to achieve something with this blog, though I don’t really know what.

Feel free to talk to me, to comment, to ask questions, to request things, or anything that comes across your mind!


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