Should I talk about series?

This is going to be an article full of spoilers, now you are warned.

I think I have mentioned that I am a huge fan of The 100 (please, give me season 3 already!!) but this is not the only TV show I watch. My cousin recently got me into Pretty Little Liars, but my current addiction is Teen Wolf…

I finally finished season 3 and I feel the need to talk about it. I’m a bit mad at the show for several reasons, to be honest, though I absolutely love it. First I think I never got to accept the fact that Allison and Scott broke up. Really. Not okay. But then Kira showed up, and things evolved between Allison and Isaac, that was cute. (Still didn’t explain why Allison and Scott broke up, but I decided it was somehow okay though there was still everlasting chemistry between them. But Scott spent the entire 3b with Kira, and Allison with Isaac so yeah.) When I had finally gotten over this whole break up thing, they decided it was time for Allison to die. I know, it’s because Crystal Reed wanted to leave the show. I know. But really, was that necessary to the show? She was Lydia’s best friend, and was finally getting steady with Isaac. And her father ends up alone, it’s heart-breaking and almost ridiculous: why did his entire family have to die? (Okay I know Kate is back but she doesn’t count. I don’t like her anyway.) So yeah. She didn’t have to die. But it’s also a beautiful way for her to leave the show, instead of her leaving her friends behind and everything. I guess I am just not okay with teenagers dying…

Yes, I knew Allison was going to die (spoilers yay!). But that doesn’t mean I didn’t spend the entire last episode crying.

From what I heard of the other seasons (moving onto them as soon as I got this posted) I keep seeing original characters leaving the show, and new characters appearing. Yes this is cool. But this feels weird too and I am not getting used to it. Like, it doesn’t look real. Yes, this is a show about supernatural being and I am arguing about the fact that if there are new students arriving and old ones leaving all the time in high school, it is not normal. (and you can’t deny it.) But oh well, I guess it’s also the actors’ choice, and the ones who stay are the motivated ones, I’m not here to blame anyone!

Okay, I am not really sure what the point of this article was, but I felt I needed to write something down, and why not post it? I love series too, so I thought it would be nice to share my love about them here as well. You’re probably going to get another one of these posts when I reach the end of season 5, or rather, when I get to episodes 10, since the rest will follow in January. Now if you got this far, thank you for reading my ramble, and feel free to comment your opinion on Teen Wolf or any TV show you want to recommend! (I watch: Teen Wolf, The 100, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Pretty Little Liars, Merlin, Once Upon a Time. I also watch Korean dramas – I should talk about it someday – and a few animes!)


4 thoughts on “Should I talk about series?

  1. I totally understand you. Once I knew Crystal was leaving the show and Allison would die I got so mad !!! I love scalisson more than I ever love anything ( it’s not true but…) and then she dies in His arms and you suppose to move on??? Without even a funeral to grieve her??? What??? Everyone said that i was going to be okay with Ali’s death and I was going to like Kira…which I do….but it isn’t the same thing. Allison was Allisson ! I cry everytime I see this video: …. I even downloaded to my phone ( don’t ask me why…) I just feel happy now that i know i’m not alone.
    Sorry for my rambling…..I love TW too! I currently on season 3 … last episode!
    I also watch PLL, Sherlock, The 100, Once Upon a Time ❤

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    1. I’m okay with some characters leaving the show, but she was really one of the main characters and it makes absolutely no sense. She was necessarry??? Why would she die?? I really like Kira too but it’s not the same thing. Allison didn’t have to be with Scott (though they obviously still loved each other!) she just had to be alive… Anyway. And yay I love these shows! Can’t wait for the new season of OUAT and The 100!!


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