Berserkers and Senior Year

… or where I planned to talk about season 4 and 5a of Teen Wolf but I’ve only seen the first episode of 5a and I couldn’t wait

I watched season 4 of Teen Wolf in about two days and absolutely loved it. I miss season 1 a lot, but I thought this season was really good, and much better than 3b. I absolutely love the new characters, Kira, Malia, Liam, Mason. And I am a huge fan of Chris Argent so I was really glad he was actually still there, though Isaac was not.

Another thing I wanted to discuss – because my hatred for Kate Argent is not worth the chat – is the Berserkers. In 11th grade I had to do a group project on Scandinavian Mythology (it was absolutely fascinating) and yes, Berserkers come from this mythology (so why on earth were they in Mexico?? There are some things I cannot fathom…) So yeah, imagine my surprise… But it was interesting! They did a pretty good job as antagonists, and thankfully I didn’t get any nightmare so far. They were pretty similar with the “original berserkers” and I thought it was a good idea to introduce this kind of characters and this kind of culture. I just wanted to mention this because this project was so amazing and interesting… (So yeah if you have any question about it don’t hesitate I love talking about it!!)

So yeah, I really liked this season. I liked Braeden’s character’s too, and it was nice to see Derek getting his share of happiness (though yeah, losing his powers was not that much of an enjoyable moment for him, he was nevertheless extremely badass with the gun, and I will miss him in season 5.)

Kira and Scott are absolutely adorable and also badass, and I loved seeing Stiles and Malia together β™₯ (though some part of me still wants some more Stydia, I love those two as friends, and Stiles seems so happy with Malia I don’t want to break this!!)

So yeah. These are basically my extremely satisfied feelings concerning season 4. I think it’s my favorite season along with season 1 (because Scallison β™₯).

I also watched the first episode of season 5 and I’m not sure what to make of it because I have seen a lot of spoilers (my bad, I shouldn’t spend my life on tumblr and instagram!). But I really loved the Senior Scribe scene (and I may or may not have cried because of all the people I wanted to be there who were not). I saw really different opinions about season 5 yet, and I’m scared of being disappointed since a lot of my favourite characters are gone (Isaac, Allison, Derek… I even miss Jackson and the twins). But I’m going to watch the rest soon, and I will keep you updated!


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