Tara Duncan and the Spellbinders: My Review

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If you are following me on Instagram, you probably have heard me blabbering about this book as I just re read it. It’s a Young Adults fantasy book written by French author Sohpie Audoin-Mamikonian, the first of many others. It has been compared to the Harry Potter series by a lot of people, including myself, but it’s also a complete other world on itself. Yes, it is not the best book ever, but if you get every prejudice out of your mind, it’s still a good book, and an enjoyable read. It has many cultural references to different mythologies, which is always amazing in my opinion.

The story:

Tara is trying to live as a normal kid, in a small French city. She lives with her grandmother in her manor, as both her parents are dead. But at the age of 9 she has started developping strange powers. With the help of her friends Fabrice and Betty, she manages to hide it from her grandmother, until the day Fabrice discovers he has the same powers, and is sent to OtherWorld. He is a Spellbinder, and so is she. Tara discovers the same night that her grandmother is hiding her a lot, that her mother may be alive, and that the manor is under attack. On the next day she is sent to OtherWorld with her great-grand-father wha has has for ages the shape of a black dog. There, she discovers her power and tries to control them. On another planet, where everything is different, and magical, and colorful, and exciting, she makes new friends: Cal the thief, the timid Gloria who may or may not be hiding something, and the mysterious – and handsome – Robin. But the attack at the manor is only the first one of many, and Magister, her enemy, is trying anything to capture her and other young Spellbinders.

My opinion:

It’s hard to imagine the heroine is only twelve, but I had the same feeling while re reading Percy Jackson, and decided I don’t care anymore. She’s going to grow up in the next books anyway.

Yes, at first it seems really familiar, like we have already read similar stories. But throughout the book, it changes, and the author has really manages to create a whole new world. The series has 12 books and a lot of companion novels, and I have only read 8 book so far I think, I remember enjoying them a lot, and really liked re reading the first one. I recommend them if you’re still in middle school or high school, but my dad has read them too and loved them so it’s like a lot of fantasy books, everyone can enjoy them.

So my point is. Yes, the story may not seem very original at first, but it is still worth the try! It’s very creative and has many funny descritption. The fact that part of the characters are originally French also adds something different to the story I think. And really, I wish I could live in OtherWorld. It has non magical people as well, which is pretty cool. I really love the universe of the story, and even if the villain is indeed not the best villain ever (who can compare to Voldemort, to be honest the competition is hard!) the main character feels relatable (and she’s a girl, I have to admit I like that!) and I love her friends.

So why not give it a try if you don’t know what to read? And I would love to read your opinion on this book if you have read it! (Please no spoilers if you have read the other books, though I have spoiled myself a lot already, I don’t want any bas surprise!)


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