Once Upon A Time: Season 5 Premiere

Well well well. I know I’m a bit late but I finally watched the Season 5 Premiere of Once Upon a Time and I wanted to share my thoughts on it!

Just so you know, it involved a lot of screaming, and “OHMYGOD” and also some laughing and swooning, and I am quite satisfied by this episode. Right. Now before you go any further, yes this is gonna contain a lot of spoilers. So if you haven’t seen it yet (which you should do right now) don’t hate me and stop reading. Right. Now.

Too late.

Soooooo. This is gonna be a bit of a mess, but you have to know my opinion is probably really biaised because 1. I love this show 2. I ship Swanfire which is obviously sort of a problem at this point but yeah I thought you needed to know that 3. I also ship Robin and Regina a lot, and am ever rooting for the Charmings so yeah, I swooned a lot. Also 4. I absolutely hate Gold/Rumple and will not have any mercy in my comments. Done. Really, I can’t stand the sight of him. (Maybe it’s gonna evolve through the series. But I’m still mad because he is alive and Neal is not. I’m not okay.)

Moving on to the interesting part: the actual series premiere. Yes, finally. My random opinions on several subjets:

– King Arthur: hell yes. I am interested. I am a huge find of Arthurian stories, so of course, I’m in. I loved the “we were expecting you” thing and the “finding the other part of the sword” part. And okay, I gotta admit it, he’s good looking. I know a lot of twists and new characters in OUAT sometimes make the story messy, but I have to admit I really like this choice. And my screaming and fangirling obviously proved that I enjoyed this episode. (And seriously I want to see Merlin please!!)

– Merida: except the trying to kill Emma part, she was pretty cool. And I have to admit Emma didn’t really seem that trustworthy… I liked how it turned out!

– The Ending: Hell what’s going on?? (Fyi I say bloody hell way too much, and that’s because of Will Scarlet… Anyway). Of course, things wouldn’t go smoothly. I mean, it’s the first episode, and Dark Emma is the whole plot of the season or something like that. So of course, things weren’t going to be solved easily. But that was still quite a schock. The end of the last season started to show Emma turning bad (with killing Cruella for example…) but honestly I’m not sure what to make of it. Come on, she’s the savior! I wanted to see her prove the world it was possible for her not to turn bad! Yes, that’s an interesting twist to the story, but I’m comfortable with hating Rumple and I don’t want to see Emma turning bad, it just feels too sad. Can’t she just get her proper share of happiness and be done with it? Why?

– Outlaw Queen: yess *swoons*. I hope we get lots of scenes with them, that would be so nice. (Also am I the only one why wonders if Zelena actually is pregnant for real? I only see her as completely nuts, but maybe she made it up… Okay that’s not important).

What else. Yay the dwarves coming to Camelot made me extremely happy!! Grumpy is an amazing character, we don’t see enough of him, so that’s pretty cool. They’re so funny. (Though why did they take the baby??)

The flower thing for Belle was a nice reference to the original story though as I said, I don’t like Rumple.

Also I saw that Mulan and Ruby would be back this season and I’m pretty enthusiastic about it…

That’s about all for today! I’ll probably make another pointless article with crazy comments at the end of the season, or at the mid season finale.

If you’re watching the show, I would love to talk about it!


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