Life update: I’m finally on holidays!

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Yes, I am back on the blog after a two weeks unplanned break, if you hadn’t noticed. So I wanted to give you some updates on my fascinating life!

Note: I wanted to share this picture because this is the last mug I bought (I may or may not be obsessed with mugs…) and I love it ♥

First of all, college is keeping me busy, but I’m also enjoying a lot. I have transferred to the course I wanted and I am SO glad I did. I love what I’m doing. And that’s something I am forever grateful for. If you’re curious, I’m studying both English and Literature, which means I have the following classes: American Civilisation, American Literature (we will switch to British for the second semester), History of the English language, Comparative Literature, Morphology and Lexicology (for 18th and 19th Century French), Latin culture, and two translation classes, from English to French and from French to English.

It’s amazing and absolutely interesting, but I am SO exhausted. I spend more than 3 hours a day to go and come back from college, and I hope I will manage it throughout the year. The good thing is, I have a week of break, and I’m going to sleep a lot, believe me! I’ll also try to prepare a lot of articles, but one week is hella short, and I have like 2 or 3 papers to write, and I’m probably going to sleep the entire time, because if I don’t I’m going to regret it!

I also started taking Korean lessons on Wednesday nights, and I love it. It’s really interesting, and our teacher is amazing, so I’m learning a lot!

Insta update: If you’re not following me on Instagram, you should because I’m hosting a giveway! If you want to check it out, my username is Clemireads ♥

Bookish updates: I’m currently reading a lot of poetry for college, and I’m going to try and write an article about it very soon!

I also read The Elite by Kiera Cass. It arrived in the mail on Monday, and I came back from college at like 8pm. I jumped around the house for 5 minutes and then I started reading it, and I couldn’t drop it (except for having dinner, and I had an exercise I needed to finish). I went to bed at like 3am, terribly exhausted, and extremely satisfied because I had finished it.

I also got my first pay check and have bought a lot of books this months, which you may have noticed if you’re following me on instagram… I think I never got this many books in a single month… But you’ll see all this in my monthly wrap-up!


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