I like Kdramas, and you?

I’ve had this blog for over two months now (yay!) and I wanted to talk about something new, something else that I love and the subject is: Korean Dramas. I started watching those in high school with my best friend, and after now 3 or four years, I’m still watching them and loving them. Recently, I find it harder to find the time, but I still try, and wanted to introduce them to you all, if you don’t know what I’m talking about!

I also watch other Asian Dramas (like Japanese and Chinese) but I don’t want to be too confusing so I decided to concentrated on Korean ones since they’re my favourite.

My all time top 3:

I hear your voice (2013)

The story in a nutshell: Jang Hye Sung is a materialistic public defender (which means her cases have 1% of succeeding), and that’s when her life starts changing. She meets her new colleague, Cha Kwan Woo, an ex cop who is an innocent idealist, and Park Soo Ha, a 19 year old high school senior who can hear people thoughts, and whose father was killed 10 years ago – and that’s when it gets interesting, because Hye Sung testified against the murderer.

Why I loved it so much: The actors are absolutely amazing, and I found the story rather original. It has a lot of cute and interesting moments (and I have to admit, a lot of eye candy). I just couldn’t get enough.

King 2 Hearts (2012)

This is actually one of my first dramas, and oh dear, it was amazing.

The story in a nutshell: Set in a parallel universe where South Korea is a realm and is trying to reunite with North Korea, Kim Hang Ah is the top female instructor in the North Korea’s special unit. (She’s very strong and also happens to never have fallen in love, I know this is not the most original part of it.)  Lee Jae Hae is the brother of the king, and is, to be honest, a rich brat (but as the story changes, this is obviously going to change, as it does in every story ever, am I right?) They are both selected, along with four other soldiers, to be part of a competition program to dertermine which country has the best army – and if Korea wants to participate, North and South have to work together.

Why I loved it so much: It has another set of amazing actors (and eye candy, I won’t deny it). Culturally, I know that relationships between North and South Korea are about impossible, but it was a very beautiful story. Absolutely breathtaking. If you’re into awful villains and star-crossed lovers, this is the thing for you. Really, I loved it.

A Gentleman’s Dignity (2012)

The plot in a nutshell: The story concentrates of a group of four friends in their fourties, who have been friends since high school. Every episode starts with a flashback helping the viewer understand how they became who they are. As the story unfolds, we see them falling in love, and dealing with their complicated relationships as well as the the appearance of a teenage boy claiming that he is the son of their first love, and one of them is their father.

Why I loved it so much: Once again, the actors are truly amazing (if you check the dramas out, you’ll notice that I chose different actors each time). It was also truly hilarious and refreshing. The story is a bit different from what I usually watch, with the characters being a bit older, but not a single minute did I regret it. It was funny, but also knew when to be serious, and that’s what made it even better.

If you want something more recent, here is my top 3 for 2015!

Oh my Ghost

The story of a introverted girl who can see ghost, works at a restaurant and is in love with her boss. Everything changes when she is possessed by a virgin ghost who decides she must “do it” with the chef…

This drama was cute and hilarious, but it also had its more serious moments. Not a minute was wasted, and the cast is absolutely amazing!

I remember you

Also called Hello Monster, it’s the story of a crime profiler with a mysterious past, and a female cop who used to stalk him. Together, they solve mysteries, but little by little, the past which involves both their fathers is coming back to the surface… The mystery might be solved, but is this really for the best?

Sorry about the shitty summary, but really, this drama was amazing. It had funny parts, and dark parts in a perfect blend. The story is fast-paced, and even if some things are predictable, it doesn’t hurt. (And need I mention I love the cast here too?)

20 again

The story of Ha No Ra, a 38 year old housewife. When her husband asks for a divorce, she decides to go to college, and ends up in the same college as her 20 year old son… And finds out one of her teachers is an ex classmate (who just so happened to have a crush on her).

This was so cute and beautiful. It just finished airing a few weeks ago, and I’m not getting over how much I loved it. It’s an interesting way of dealing with divorce and grown ups going to university. As a university student myself, I always find it odd to see “adult students” in my classes, but this shows that life can get in the way, and there is no reason to look down on them. If you want something light, this is the thing for you!

I know that kdramas may seem surprising if you’ve never watched one, but they are really refreshing in my opinion. It really changes from American TV shows. As a book lover, I always love a good story, and these are greatly satisfying. And I gotta admit, if I’m too tired to read, this is just perfect.

A few useful links:

http://mydramalist.com/ (this is basically the Goodreads of Asian drama fans)



http://www.viki.com/ (these are the three websites I used to watch dramas with English subtitles, Viki also has subtitles in several languages)

What about you? Do you watch dramas? What are your favourites?


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