Belle’s Daughter: My Review

I am currently in a Tara Duncan series mood, which means that I’m re reading all the books, and actually reading the ones I haven’t read yet. I started this series ages ago (it’s written by a French author) and I never got to finish it. The author keeps publishing new books, so I still have the time.

It’s full of magic, and it’s abosutely hilarious. The first 11 tomes have been translated in English if you want to check it out (there are 13 books so far, and this is a prequel). You may feel like it’s something you’ve already read about or heard about at first, but it’s so much more in my opinion. If you’re looking for a light read, with humour and magic, I really recommend this series! (Also I’m talking about the first book here)

But let’s get down to business.

So, as I said, this is a prequel to the Tara Duncan series, written by Sophie Audoin-Mamikonian (aka SAM, and I’m going to call her SAM from now on because it’s much faster and easier) and it has not yet been translated in English. In this book, set 450 before the original series, on OtherWorld, the main character, Isabelle, is the daughter of Belle and the Beast, aka Damien, the king of the realm of Lancovit. SAM has cleverly rewritten the tale of Beauty and the Beast, and adapted it to OtherWorld, a magical world familiar to the fans of the series, where elves, dwarves, vampires, dragons, humans, spellbinders and many other spieces live together.

The king Damien has been affected by a spell that turned him into a beast, and manage to escape it when he was saved by Belle, his wife-to-be. The have a child, Isabelle, and the girl turns out to be affected by the spell as well. When she is scared or in danger, she turns into a beast. Later on, she can also control this power, and change whenever she wants.

She’s smart, strong, and full of good intentions, but will the realm accept her as the heir to the throne?

As princes Tames of Omois, the third son of the queen of the greatest realm on the planet arrives in the Lancovit castle, Isabelle discovers love and hope. But the realm is in danger, and she is the only one who can help…

What about my opinion?

I thoroughly enjoyed it and gave it 4 stars β™₯

It was really pleasant and refreshing, though sometimes a bit slow. This is a clever twist on the original tale, and I really liked the idea. I know there is going to be a sequel, and I can’t wait to read it!

The story aims at an audience who knows the Tara Duncan series, it’s full of little references to the world we know, but at the same time – and since it’s a prequel – it’s not completely necessary to have read them.

The main character, Isabelle, is extremely relatable – even though, you know, we don’t all turn into a beast when we are mad – and it’s something I really like in books.

The love line is not extremely original, but SAM put some interesting twists on the general story. It’s a rather unique book because of this whole different universe.

I know it’s aimed for a young adults public, but I think it’s enjoyable for everyone (my dad loves this series, and he doesn’t even read that much).

So yeah, I’ve got nothing left to say, except that I hope it will be translated in English soon so you all can enjoy it!


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