More Than This: My Review

More Than This was published by Patrick Ness in 2013, and won multiple awards.

Before you start reading my review, I’m warning you: 1) I loved this book and 2) it might be a bit spoilery!

Genre: YA, science fiction, dystopia

The story:

It’s about a boy who dies, and then he wakes up in the place where he grew up. Except it’s deserted and half-burnt. He is alone. Is this hell? he wonders.

He woke up in a coffin, and the only food available is outdated cans. All the houses are empty, and yet he recognizes them.

When he sleeps, he dreams of his life in the most vivid way. He starts exploring the world around him, and one day, he comes across other people: a girl, and a boy.

He wonders again: is there more than this life? They explain here the theory of their presence here, and the danger menacing them…

My opinion:

I wont say more than this, but I can only advise you to read it if you haven’t yet! It’s such a brilliant book.

This was my first Patrick Ness book, and it certainly won’t be the last. I had heard a lot of good things about it, and I was both curious and suspicious. But it deserves the praise.

The story is extremely smart, and interesting. It’s full of surprises and it’s beautiful. I loved it.

The writing style is really nice, and the characters are very endearing and moving.

Seth is a really interesting character, and I love how his past story is full of plot twists, until the end. Good job, Ness! Regine is also an amazing character, she’s strong, and strong-willed, but she’s also human. She sufferred, and yet she is still a fighter. I would love to have a friend like her. And Thomasz is absolutely adorable. He’s brave and smart, and I just want to hug him and tell him it’s going to be alright.

Those three make a wonderful – yet improbable – trio. And Seth’s family and friends (from the flashbacks) are also really interesting characters.

Don’t hesitate to read it, you will be surprised until the end! And don’t hesitate to comment if you have read it!

I definitely gave it ★★★★★


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