The 100 Season 3 Promo: Reactions

I know I have already posted  an article today, but I have to make an exception. The 100 is my favourite show ever (I have watched it 3 times) and I cannot wait for the next season (January 21st, please come faster…) So of course, I already watched the video above about 10 times, and I gasped every time at the end. I. CANNOT. WAIT. It simply looks amazing.

My reactions:

_ Clarke is haunted by the deaths of everyone: no big surprise, but where the hell is she?? Nice hair color by the way.

_ *Bellamy’s voice* loud fangirling in the background

_ Wait, what on earth, is it war? What the hell is going on? I want to know!!

_ Indra is in the promo?? Hell yes. Her character has so much potential, I’m so glad I get to see her already. She’s really smart and unique… Can’t wait to see how she will evolve through this season!

_ Is that Octavia and Jasper? (because damn, I actually missed their chemistry in S2)

_ Oh wait don’t cry dear

_ Marcus appears on the screen: just as badass as ever. I just love his character evolution, he became one of my faves.

_ Wait don’t hurt my baby Monty, can’t he just have a peaceful season?

_ Where is Lincoln?

_ Explain me explain me I want to know more!!

_ Wait, where is John?

_ *doesn’t give a fuck about Jaha*

_ Where is Abby though

_ *hears Bellamy’s voice at the end* swoons

So much for a 21 seconds long promo… And there’s a new trailer on Monday, so I’ll probably come back here to babble again!


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