Once Upon A Time: Season 5 Midseason Finale Reactions

That’s a hell of a long title, but hell if I care.

Sorry about yet another non bookish post, I’ll be on holidays next weekend and I will finally have time to read and review more books!

Warning: spoilers on OUAT 5A.

If you want to bear with me and fangirl with me, you can carry on ♥

I’m going to try and write a proper review, but this is most likely going to be a list of random reactions on the first part of this new season, and mostly the last episode.


_ I dislike Rumple and do not ship Rumbelle, though I do like Belle.

_ My favourite character was Neal and I am still mourning.

_ I do not ship Captain Swan, though I like both characters.

_ The Charmings are bae.

_ Outlaw Queen is bae.

_ Henry is my hero.

Now let’s move on.

This half season was full of interesting twists, though I sometimes felt it was a bit slow. The ending got me really intersting though!

_ Camelot plot: interesting twist on the original story. I’m a huge fan of Arthurian stories (as I already mentioned in my previous post here) and I was a bit unsure when they started picturing him as a villain. However, it was extremely well made and interesting to watch.

Merlin’s death left me in shock though. I was starting to like him a lot, and I thought it was a bit easy… But well, some characters die in this show (*cough* Neal *disappears in a hole)

_ Merida plot: absolutely fab. I love how they invested the character, especially in the magical land. The interaction with Mulan and Red was also really lovely.

My questions: Arthur, Guinivere and Merida are still in Storybrooke, as far as we know, so what the hell is going on? Merida is supposed to be the queen of her kingdom right? Will Arthur still be a villain or has he disappeared from the show? What about Lancelot? (If you have any answers for those questions, by the way, feel free to comment!)

_ Dark One Emma: Hell yes. I’m so glad of how this all turned out. I knew she couldn’t have turned bad and want to destroy everyone. Of course, dark magic affected her. But she still fought it till the end in Camelot, and sacrificed herself in a way to save Killian. And she was not the one who cast the curse. As usual, she was only trying her best. (And I have to admit, though it sounds evil, putting the dark magic into Zelina and killing her sounded like a pretty good idea). I loved when she revealed the truth to her family, though it was awfully sad. I was so glad when we got some Emma-Henry moments, and the family moments with the Charmings always make me swoon. And of course, in the end, she wanted to sacrifice herself (that was to be expected, but it was still moving). And in the end, she had to do even worse than sacrificing herself, she killed the man she loved.

_ Dark One Hook: Oh my god, I didn’t expect that. And I didn’t expect him to turn all dark and full of hatred like that. If Emma could resist it, I thought he would be able to do the same. And it got him killed in the end, though I am extremely satisfied with him changing his mind at the very last moment. I still do not ship Captain Swan, but I do admit it was really heartbreaking. Seeing how hurt Emma is really makes my heart ache. Though that leads up to an interesting plot twist for the second half of the season!

(*creepy fangirl smile* they’re going to the underworld… but… but… Neal should be in the underworld… okay don’t mind me I’m obsessed and I should go away write fanfictions about it instead of annoying you… the thought of it simply breaks my heart)

_ Gold’s last plot twist: really Belle, how can you deal with this asshole? I was just about to like him when he said “now there’s only one thing we can do” and then he added “spend time with your loved ones” and I was like YOU LAME COWARD GO DIE. So I didn’t like him. And then in the end?? Back to being the dark one??? How could you??? It turned out I still had some hope for you deep inside, that maybe you could some day make up for all that you did??? And now THIS??? HOW COULD YOU??? First of all, you hurt Hook yet another time, and then, you got the power of all the dark ones in your evil twisted mind… Really I am disgusted. (Though, I have to admit, that was an extremely clever twist made by the writers. All dark magic gone was really too easy… Well done!)

To finish on a more positive note:

_ Robin/Regina/Zelina: I just love Robin and Regina together, and I love how in this season they are both part of the Charming gang. It’s so fun to see, our heroes fighting together, I love it. And I just wanted to mention that: Henry has two moms already, and a great set of grandparents. He had some time with his dad (♥). But here, there was this scene where he was standing right between Robin and Regina. And I realised. Robin can be the dad he never really had. And that is AMAZING. I would love to see more of this. Oh right, and Zelina. Well I love how she was dealt with through this season, and so glad to see she’s back to Oz, though I don’t believe we have seen the last of her!

In the end: I was starting to be a bit bored or disappointed with the show, but the last episode was really briliant, and everything that was revealed made me like this season more! Now I can’t wait for the second part!

(And if you have read this til the end, thank you ♥)


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