Holy Shit The 100 Trailer Is Out

Sorry about yet another post about this show but… Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, I need to do some fangirling and I am so not okay.

Pardon the amount of “Holy shit” through this ramble that I cannot even call an article, but I just need to talk about all that is happening in this trailer!!

Sooo Clarke is back.

Bellamy is in charge.

Omg Clarke is attacking Lexa.

Holy shit Jonty moment.

Holy shit Jactavia moment.

Holy shit Linctavia moment.


Bellarke moment β™₯

Holy shit too many gunshots.

And Monty is shooting…

Holy shit too much violence.

Holy shit don’t hurt Raven!!

Who the fuck is that dude who things he’s in charge??


Get the fuck out Thelonious.

Holy shit what the hell is going on with the Blake siblings??

And did you know they said they would kill a major character this season? Probably not Clarke or Bellamy or Lexa or Octavia since fans pleaded in their favour but this is so not okay… Like… What if the killed ultimate bae Monty? They said it was someone the fans really liked, and to be honest, who doesn’t love Monty? Or it could be Jasper or Raven… This is so not okay. This show will be the death of me.

Everyone looked so badass, and Thelonious just annoyed the shit out of me even though we barely saw him.

I’m so glad to see this show is coming back, it looks like so many good stuff is going to happen!!

Please, January 21st, come faster, so I can fangirl in peace.

Basically, this season is going to destroy me. And I can’t wait.


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