Life update: Hello 2016 ♥

Hi guys! First of all, Happy New Year once again. I wish you all the best, and a year full of books.

Second of all, don’t forget that you can join the Harry Potter (and later Percy Jackson) readalong that I am cohosting! You can find more details here. I’m going to try and make monthly updates about it! Hope a lot of you join us!

I also wanted to mention the fact that I created a Bloglovin account, I don’t know if it’s going to be very useful, or if I will use it a lot, but whatever. The link is here if you want. (link)

I’m going back to college on Monday, and I have my exams, and therefore absolutely no motivation.

On a more positive note, I think I had the best New Year party ever with my high school friends, I love them so much ♥

Blog update:

I have now more than 50 articles and more than 70 followers, thank you all so much!! This is completely crazy, I can’t believe it.

Last article:

My review of The Weaver’s Riddle by Claire Marie Lucas (link)

Currently reading:

Dorothy must die by Danielle Paige

Good luck to all of you if you are going back to work/school/college on Monday!


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