How I Found You: My Review

Another amazing book by Gabriella Lepore! It was really hard to put down, and I also read it in a day…


Like every summer, Rose is going to spend the holiday with her uncle and her aunt, in the remote village of Millwood.

Unlike every summer, two strangers show up at the door on the first night and request harbour for the night… And end up staying for weeks.

Oscar and Caicus Valero are brothers, and Rose doesn’t want to trust them. Something is odd about them, be it Caicus’ strange power of convincing, or the fact that she can’t help but feel she knows Oscar.

At night, Rose makes terrible nightware. Each night, it’s the same bad dream, and each time, it’s getting worse… But what if it were more than nightmares?

My opinion:

I’m so glad I read this book! It was such an enjoyable read, I loved how imaginative the story was, and once again, it made me realise how fond I am of witch stories.

I really liked the shared POV, and it was interesting to see how Rose and Oscar evolved through the story, through their POV, which became more and more similar. I just loved them as characters. They were so unique and interesting. And of course, I love their relationship.

But let’s not forget our side characters! Mary was such a wonderful aunt, and Caicus such a badass friend/brother that I thought it would be a pity not to mention them. It’s also nice to see the story is not only about the main characters, all characters have built great relationships among one another, and that’s definitely a plus for me.

I think the pace of the book was perfect. It was just right. The book had a lot of surprises in store, and a few predictable moments, but just the right amount. I also loved the cute scenes between Oscar and Rose because they were not oh-so-typical. They were special and fitted the characters perfectly.

As for the story itself, as I said, the book was hard to put down. I kept wanting to read more! And I’m entirely satisfied with the ending too, everything about it was well-made.

Negative point:

I did not like it as much as Secrets in Phoenix though (and yes I know this is not a negative point, I’m just saying!) I sometimes felt that something was missing… But as I read through the book, there were so many passages that I loved that it makes up for the rest!

My rating:



I need more books by Gabriella Lepore, I love her writing style, the atmosphere of her books, and the magical stories she creates!

Have you read How I found You? And if you did, what did you think of it? I’d love to read your opinion!


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