Broken Dolls: My Review


I received an ARC copy from the publisher, Curiosity Quills, via NetGalley.

It was written by Tyrolin Puxty and was published in December 2015.

The story:

Ella is a dancing doll. But she is no ordinary doll, she can talk and move. She has been human, but she does not remember it. She lives in the attic, and the professor takes care of her. She watches TV and likes to invent stories. She just likes her life the way it is.

But she is not the only talking doll. One day, the professor brings in Lisa. She is a goth doll, and she says she remembers bits and pieces of her life. But she’s not supposed to. And Lisa doesn’t want to be a doll. At all. She wants to go back to being human, even if that means she has to smash and destroy Ella.

The professor also introduces her to his granddaughter Gabby, and a bond is formed between the doll and the girl. Except Gabby is sick, and apparently, the professor wants to turn all sick girls into human dolls. And he says Ella is his broken doll, but she doesn’t remember being sick…

My opinion:

This was a really, really brilliant idea! I absolutely loved the beginning, Ella is such a cute and innocent little doll. Gabby’s character is also extremely endearing, and even if she seems a bit mad, I also really liked Lisa’s character, she seemed really interesting.

As for the professor, he was a really intriguing character. I still haven’t completely figured him out yet, and I’m not sure whether I like him or not. Well, actually I’m sure, I don’t like him. But I’m not sure if I should see good in him or not. He’s a flawed person, that’s for sure. I’m just not sure I can accept his excuses.

The first half of the book was really exciting and mysterious, it was absolutely amazing. I didn’t like the second part as much though it was still very good and original. I just felt that some things were a little bit blurry, and unclear, at least to me. A few things could maybe have been developped a little bit more.

The major plot twist, however, is absolutely fabulous! I’m not spoiling you here, I’m just saying you will be surprised. That was really a bright idea, and yes, it did made a lot of sense, I just hadn’t figured it out it would turn out like this. That was brilliant really…

The ending left me waiting for more, and left me still curious, but it’s fine since there will be a sequel! (It’s called Shattered Girls, and it’s apparently supposed to be released in June, and I can’t wait!!)

Overall, the writing style is lovely, and the story is original. The first half of the book is absolutey amazing, and the plot twist is excellent. I just found a few things could have been added in the middle, and the limit between present/flashbacks/dream was rather unclear (maybe it was done on purpose, but it didn’t work for me! It’s not that important though, don’t worry…)

My rating:


I recommend it if you are looking for an easy read, as it’s a rather short book, and especially if you’re looking for something original, a bit crazy, but in a good way!


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