Story Time

Have I mentioned that I love writing? Because I do! I decided to create this new category called my “Writing Corner” and I don’t now how often I will post here, but I will definitely try to from time to time. I know I already ramble a lot in my Life update posts, but this is something different, and I hope it will turn out well.

This story is a bit different, because it is a real story, but I felt the need to put it down. It’s a love story. My grandpa just died on Monday after being sick and in bed for about 8 years. But this is the story of him and my grandpartents, because they’re relationship goals, and I think it’s worth sharing! My grandma is the person I admire the most in the world, and this will show a bit why.

My grandparents met many years ago, and they got married. They both grew up during WWII and have unique stories. My grandpa was in a boarding school in what was called the “Forbidden Zone” which basically means that he couldn’t get out of the zone. It was so cold in winter that they had to break ice to brush their teeth. My grandma was in Paris, but her mom died in childbirth. Her father remarried and had another daughter, but his second wife died and the child left with her grandmother. The father remarried a third time, but he was a war prisonner, so my grandma was left with her step mother during the war. So basically, this is the story of their childhood.

My grandpa grew up to be an intellectual. When I was a child, he was always reading a book or the newspaper. He also liked taking walks, and when he visited new places with my mom and his kids, he would always read them the “Green Guide Book” which bored them to death. But hey, that’s not the point of my story.

When my grandparents got married, my grandpa was still taking classes, but he couldn’t attend them all, so for a whole year, my grandma attended one of his classes instead of him, and took loads of notes for him. One of her fellow students even asked her for the notes because she was that devoted!

They wanted to have kids, but they couldn’t. So one day, their doctor told them another one of his patient wanted to have an abortion, and my grandparents said they would adopt the child if she kept it. And she did.

A few years later, they had a daughter – my mom – and then another daughter.

During my mom’s childhood they moved to Algeria for a few years, because of my grandpa’s work, and then they came back to France.

My mom always says that my grandpa always took care of everyone else before his family, and in a way it is true. He spend a lot of time devoted to help people in need, for free. And that is beautiful. My grandma also helped, when she wasn’t taking care of the kids.

And then the kids grew up. My grandpa would spend the weekend reading the newspaper or a book, as he always did. And later, my mum got married with my dad, and I was born, and then my two brothers.

We always spent July with my grandparents, in a rented house. I keep so many beautiful memories of there. And one year, we didn’t go anymore. That was eight years ago. My grandpa fell sick, and in a way, all of our lives changed. After a few months in the hospital, he got better, and he could go back home. For eight years, he was hopsitalized at home, because that’s what he wanted – and he always took the decisions. My grandparents would go in a resting house from time to time, because taking care of him got my grandma exhausted. He wanted to die in his house, and in the end he did not, but that’s not important. All that matters is that now he is at peace.

Now let me get to the cute part of the story, which is actually the reason why I’m telling you all this. My grandparents have been married for more than 50 years (I don’t remember exactly, but I believe they were close to 60…). And after all this time, after all my grandpa’s taking care of everyone but his family, after his being sick for 8 years, guess what my grandma told my mom a few days before he died? She had done basically everything for him, staying strong and all (really, she’s one of the strongest person I know, she’s amazing). Guess what she said? She told my mom he was perfect. After all this, after seeing his best and his worst, and they were both old and crippled, and clearly he was not perfect. But after all this time, she still genuinely loves him. And I find it so very beautiful that I wanted to share it. I truly hope we all get to find someone like that in our lives.

(And now, if you read all of this, I just wanted to thank you!)


4 thoughts on “Story Time

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. People can be complex, but it sounds like your grandmother loved your grandfather very much. Your story paints a beautiful picture of your grandmother as someone strong, loving and giving. I hope you have many more years with her :).

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