The Beginning of Everything: My Review

I finished reading this wonderful book on Friday night, and of course, I wanted to write a review of it, but I don’t quite know how to put it actually.

The Beginning of Everything (also called Severed Heads, Broken Hearts) was written by Robyn Schneider and published in 2013. How did I not get my hands on this jewel before, I wonder! If you haven’t read it yet, I strongly advise you to do so.


YA, Romance, Coming of age story, High School


In Junior year, Ezra Faulkner is the golden boy of the high school, he’s bright, popular, handsome, member of the student council and captain of the tennis team. Until the accident, right before summer.

He believes that everyone gets his tragedy, and that his life won’t ever be the same – which is true, and by the simple fact that he has to use crotches to walk.

But as Senior year arrives, his life changes in ways he couldn’t have imagined. Especially because there’s this new girl, Cassidy Thorpe, who stands out from the crowd, and whom Ezra has fallen hopelessly in love with…

My opinion:

Excuse my very bad summary, and if you hadn’t gotten the point yet, THIS BOOK IS AMAZING AND BRILLIANT AND OMG SO MANY FEELS I CAN’T EVEN

Now let’s calm down. But really, before I add anything else, please consider reading it, it will change you.

Why is it so awesome?

It’s sad, beautiful and tragic *insert Taylor Swift song here* but that’s makes it so great. It’s hard to put down, and full of really great twists in the story. The characters are really endearing. Of course, I fell in love with Ezra. Cassidy was very fascinating, I really would love to get to know her in real life and become bffs – if only she existed somewhere on planet Earth. And as for the side characters, I really liked Toby, he was absolutely hilarious, and of course, his relationship with Ezra was goals, and I really liked Phoebe too, she seemed adorable. And Ezra’s old crowd was terribly annoying, but in a good point, since it made the book even better.

I know I say this often, but I found the writing style really beautiful. It really struck me, like this is really beautifully written and clever

My rating:


I recommend it to:

YA lovers, and John Green amateurs: I couldn’t help being reminded of Augustus sometimes when I read about Ezra, and some points of the story also reminded me of Paper Towns. If you’re looking for some great contemporary coming of age YA novel with awesome characters, then that’s the thing for you!


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