The 100 S3E01

The 100 Season 3 Episode 1 - Wanheda: Part One

I can’t believe The 100 is finally back!!

I’m warning you already, I need to get this rant down, so it’s going to be full of spoilers… Read at your own risk, I would love to discuss this awesome series though!

So… After almost a year of desperate waiting, I have finally seen the new episode of The 100. I have to admit, I’m a bit scared for this season. I have come across several spoilers in the past few weeks, and there are thing I do not like! Well of course, one cannot always be satisfied with everything…

First of all: Bellamy has a girlfriend. Who is this girl? I want some backstory. And I don’t like her one bit. Bellamy belongs with Clarke, nothing will change my mind. Season 2 finale suggested something between them, and I know it’s supposed to take place three months later, but it seems like a lot did happen in those three months. You can’t just give him a girlfriend out of nowhere! I demand an explanation.

Second of all: Oh my god, Jasper looks terrible. Someone do something about him, please. I knew he was heartbroken over Maya, but I didn’t think it would be to that extent. And things with Monty aren’t getting any better. I quote “Carful or Monty will melt her.” Okay, that cracked me up. But it’s so sad too. I hope he gets ahold of himself, please…

I heard that one of the main characters would die in this season. At first I thought, it won’t be Clarke or Bellamy because they’re the main characters. It won’t be Jasper because they already killed Maya. I was afraid they would kill my darling Monty (and I’m still afraid they will, I don’t know what I’ll do if he dies…) but now that I see Jasper… I demand some character development please (yes, I am making request even if I know everything is set already…)

Thirdly: that Monty character development. He has taken the gun, and looks badass and I’m happy. I want to see him a lot this season yes please! And oh my god, if you ship Monty and Miller they have that moment in the car singing and Miller puts his hand on his knee and I was like… swoon… ♥

Fourth point: Raven. So you broke up with Kyle, how dare you, you little shit. I do not agree. You “pushed him away” duh. That’s unfair. I was worried Steve Talley had decided to quit the show, but Wikia says he will be in season 3… I can’t wait for Raven/Kyle scenes, even if they’re not together… And please, will Raven get better someday?

Now let’s move on to point #5: Clarke. You should have stayed with your people girlie. I knew it. Though I really love the Wanheda twist, it’s a good start for this season. Also who is that new friend/love interest of Clarke? Because she has a bracelet, I’m so curious! Please give me all the episodes already, I want to know EVERYTHING. And the ending/preview, dear me, this show is going to kill me all over again…

And I almost forgot #6: my bae Murphy. Shirtless, unshaven John in the first minutes of the episode, finally I knew that this season was going to be good. I don’t like Jaha and this Ava girl, or whatever is her name. But I do love Murphy. Also apparently Emori is back, which is awesome, I really hoped she would be back at some point, but after Jaha’s comment, it seems too good to be true… And now I can’t wait to know more.

That’s about it, I don’t know if I will comment all the episodes, probably not because it wil make a lot of work, but you will hear from me again at the season finale (or the mid-season finale if there’s one?)

Do you watch The 100? Have you seen this episode? I would love to hear your opinion!


12 thoughts on “The 100 S3E01

  1. I’ve watched the other two season when they were on but unfortunately I am unable to find the new season anywhere as Im in the UK, I think online it says we get it in spring, but other promos said the same release date to the US. ?????

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      1. Aha, im not really of a fangirl with the 100, no hate :), its just a nice gripping program to watch, and yeh when I say the whole family likes it I mean my mum, myself and younger brother do but my dad and older brother have to deal with it hehe x

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    1. I agree, who the f*** is this new girl in Bellamy’s life? And whats going on with Jasper, I mean his character right now is pathetic.
      I hope Lincoln & Bell’s sister will hook up, I miss their whole chemistry together.
      Murphy is Murphy, always managing to survive,.Jaha, I think he is upto no good.

      Over all, Im loving the show as always, can’t wait for all the episodes. I was waiting for season 3 to be out soon, and its here now! ❤

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      1. I guess we will see how it evolves… I really hope Jasper’ll get better, it really seems too much now! Totally agree with you! I’m so glad this show is back!


  2. I want Bellamy and Clarke together. And I want it SO much. I was so mad when I saw Bellamy had a girlfriend. It doesn’t seem like he really cares about her that much though. BUT who is she. Why did she come here? Can she just go and, IDK, disappear?

    Clarke. The most interesting scenes of the episode were the ones focusing on her. But I want more; I need to know what happens yet. Clarke running from the Ice Mountain people and Bellamy & Co trying to find her/save her is the most interesting part of this season.

    Ava/Ada/whatever her name, Jaha and John = boring parts. John at least is still somewhat interesting. Jaha is clearly delusional, or at least I hope he is because The City of Light sounds boring.

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

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