The 100 Season 3: my opinion so far

I am back with a long and spoilery talk about the new episodes of The 100!

Warning: As usual, this is full of spoilers, and a bit of a mess…

Hello, it’s me, I’m watching The 100 and this show is killing me…

Fun fact: I finally got one of my friends into watching this show and she is already done with season 1! *proud grin*

Okay, let’s get back to business.

After all the teasers and spoilers and comments on this season, I have to admit, I was a bit scared, and I still am because damn, I was right. So many things are unexplained and unlogical, and I’m selling my soul to this show.

The evolution of my train of thoughts since the first episode:

Oh my, Bellamy and Gina are actually cute together? He deserves happiness after all! And then we discovered that Gina could even be badass. And then she died. Thank you so much Jason Rothenberg. Yes, that was ironical. Damn, can’t Bellamy Blake just live happily ever after? I used to be Bellarke af, but my mind is slowly evolving. For a lot of reasonable reasons I think, and don’t worry I will explain it.

So, now Bellamy finally had a girlfriend, and she’s actually dead. Bellamy is therefore heartbroken, and even worse, he is blaming himself for it. Which wasn’t his fault, of course, it was the Ice Nation’s fault (and Echo the traitor! damn I’m so mad with her and disappointed). And Bellamy is mad, he has lost his mind, and is officially making stupid decisions. As my #2 favourite character, it is really heartbreaking to see this. From the trailer, we know that there is even more to expect…

But he used to actually make the right decisions, so I hope the crap won’t last. Even if I am still damn scared about all of this…

Now, let’s move on to Clarke. I’m not sure what to think about what happened with her. At some points I’m like “damn girl, you’re annoying” (which wasn’t the case during the previous seasons). It seems like Clarke, just like Bellamy, is making a lot of stupid and rash decisions. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the girl is only 18, and is completely broken (on a side note, watching her doesn’t feel at all like she is 18…) But with no communication with her people, of course things are going to get messy.

Yes, Clarke and Lexa are working well together. But I miss seeing her with the 100. I need to see her with Octavia, and Raven, and Monty… And of course, with Bellamy. Because ship or not, no one can deny that together they function very well, they complete each other. I mean, in a powerful way. They make better decisions when they work together. Which is why their separation annoyed the shit out of me. Clarke is doing everything on her own, and this time, I think Bellamy was right, she should have come back with them. Staying with the Grounders is yet another way of avoiding the rest of the 100 and the sky people. She says she only wants the best for her people, and of course it is true. But maybe, just maybe her decisions aren’t giving them the best.

I don’t know, I’m not sure, I guess I’ll just wait and see! And I’m crossing my fingers they didn’t screw up this season…

Now, Octavia. The girl had some points were she really annoyed me, but so far in this season, I think she’s being excellent. And when I see her in pain, I just wish she had left with Lincoln in season 1… And they would have ran away together… *season 1 feels all the way*

Another really scary things is how Jasper is evolving. I really hope he will get better, and man, I want Jonty back. Monty has become extremely badass by the way, and I’m loving him even more – I didn’t even know that was possible. In case you were wondering, he is my #1 favourite character. And yes, I really love his character development. I like seeing him on screen with Bellamy too, and with Miller and Raven and the others.

Monty’s reunion with his mother was really emotional too, and it was also a very interesting twist in the story. I’m not sure I really like her though.

Looking forward to see more of my baby Monty this season! And I really hope his last decision will shake Jasper, because this cannot be the end of them… (Though his decisions was probably the best one he could make!)

Oh and talking about people I wanted to see more, I thought Richard Harmon was a regular now, and yet we see very little of him… However I am very delighted to see how the situation is turning with Emori, and he’s finally taking decisions on his own! I really believe he has changed since season 1, and I hope he still will evolve.

And don’t worry, I was going to talk about Lexa. Surprisingly, I like her more and more. I never believed this was possible, and yet it’s true. She really is doing her best, and it turns out I really understand her. She also has a lot of really badass moments (i.e. throwing the guy out of the window and killing the ice queen… also choosing the heir is pretty cool!)

And it is obvious she still cares about Clarke, and it is fascinating how much she always tries to have the best for everyone, and make peace. We get to see a bit of a more vulnerable side of her I think, when she wears a dress, even if she is obviously damn strong. I think she is the best surprise I had this season so far (along with Monty being even more handsome and badass).

And as for ships, Kabby is killing my soul. They really are the power couple in this show (since Bellarke disappointed me!) and I love how well they work together, and how slowly we can see that they are still getting closer to each other. Everyone seems to screw up their good moves though… And the end of episode 4 really got me on edge, I’m so scared… (I don’t even dare to say I hope things will be alright because they obviously won’t…)

And finally, Pyke, or Pike, or whatever is his name. Man, why are you screwing everything up?? I couldn’t trust that guy the moment I saw him. Peace with the Grounders is obviously the best solution they have, like come on people, are you all stupid? Why are you messing everything up? And why did you have to get Bellamy on your side and ruin everything?

And this is the end of it. Thanks for reading if you actually got to the end, I would love to hear your opinion, even if you disagree! Maybe I get some things wrong, and I am most certainly biaised… I’m still not sure about the evolution of this show, so let’s just wait and see! (And I probably left a lot of things unsaid, but I think it’s enough for today!)


4 thoughts on “The 100 Season 3: my opinion so far

  1. I don’t particularly like “the city of light” situation…i thinks it’s annoying . I’m also hopping for some bellarke since we were told it was going to happen 😍😍 and despite Lexa being all badass and protecting Clarke i can’t forget what she has done in Mount Weather

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  2. I’m still a huge Bellarke fan, and I think they’re the endgame ship. However, for the moment, I’m kind of seeing Clarke and Lexa work through things. Lexa was totally badass when she killed the Ice Queen. I’m looking forward to seeing Clarke go badass too this season.

    Clarke and Bellamy are both in bad places right now. I do think Bellamy’s girlfriend had to die, just not that soon. I feel like I couldn’t connect with her before, so now her being dead doesn’t bother me at all. I want to feel Bellamy’s pain…but I can’t.

    Anyway I want Bellamy to start making smart decisions, I want Pyke/Pike/whatever to die, Lexa and Clarke to have some more romance until either Lexa betrays Clarke or dies, and Clarke becomes Commander. Then I want Bellamy and Clarke to be together forever….In about 13 seasons from now, or something.

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