Girl Last Seen: My Review


I received an e-copy of this book from NetGalley, in exchange for a honest review.

Girl Last Seen was written by Heather Anastasiu and  Anne Greenwod Brown, and will be published on March 1st. (And trust me, it’s awesome!)

Genre: YA, mystery, romance

My rating: ★★★★☆


Kadence Mulligan and Lauren De Santo are viral on YouTube, but when Lauren gets a vocal chord infection, Kady goes solo, and her best friend can’t do anything but watch: she isn’t even allowed to play the guitar.

But after a very successful concert at Cuppa Cuppa, the coffee place where Lauren works part time, Kady goes missing, and soon, the police believes her dead.

A few days before, Lauren and Kady got into a fight in front of the whole shool – over Kady’s oh-so-perfect boyfriend Mason. And soon, the police – as well as the entire school – is getting more and more suspicious.

That’s when Jude comes back into Lauren’s life. He was her best friend, and maybe more, back in the days, before Kady arrived into their lives and he ended up turning into a paria, and moving schools.

The story is told from four points of view: Lauren’s, Jude’s, Mason’s, and videos made by Kadence before she disappeared. Plot twist after plot twist, we get closer to the truth…

My opinion:

This book was amazing! The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because I found it a litlle bit draggy sometimes, and some parts were not exactly original. However, I still loved it.

If you read any further, it might get a bit spoilery! Some things were a bit predictable, but if you want to make sure you don’t get spoiled, I would advise you to stop. Now, read at your own risk!

I really liked the characters, especially Lauren and Jude. Lauren is a rather relatable person. She is suffering, but she is always trying her best, and it seems obvious she didn’t do any harm to her best friends, even if on the outside, some things DO get suspicious. Jude on the other side has his twisted ways, but he is really suffering too, and it becomes obvious very soon that there was something suspicious in the way their relationship ended back in the day. Aside from the fact that he has apparently become smokin’ hot, he’s the kind of guy I just want to hug, because damn, he certainly didn’t deserve all the shit he got through.

As for Kady, she is your classical drama queen with great ambitions and a twisted mind. It’s hard to guess what actually happened to her, even if I was right in my guesses. The story is really well-made though!

If you are curious about Kady, she reminded me a bit a mix of both Amy from Gone Girl and Margo from Paper Towns. She is a girl with great expectations, but is she making the right choices?

Mason was something different. We read about him through his interviews with the police, and I found it a bit hard to decide whether I liked him or not. It’s difficult to figure out what he really thinks, and we don’t see as much as him as Jude or Lauren. But he was still an interesting character!

What I really loved about this story is how it was really full of plot twists. The clues change through the book, and the accusations turn. It’s hard on both the characters and the reader, because we don’t know what to think or believe (which means the book was well done in my opinion!) It keeps some surprises until the end, which is very satisfying too.

Overall, it’s a quick read, and a book that’s hard to put down. It also has parts of romance which I really loved, even if the whole situation was a mess, it was nice to have those too, and they somehow felt on point!

I recommend it for:

People who like mystery stories, obviously. It reminded my a bit of Gone Girl, so if you liked it, you will probably like it well! This is also a story about music, so if you like those, you might like it too.

I really hope you like this book if you decide to read it! And if you want to talk about it, don’t hesitate!


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