The 100 S3E7

Warning: spoilers!

I just wanted to quickly give my opinion on the new episode of The 100 and on this season so far (since I haven’t much time to read this week anyway…) (and yes, I know, I keep talking about this show)

So. Basically, I’m a bit lost with this season because I find it really different from the two previous ones, since many of the characters have changed… On the one hand, there are the ones following Pike, on the other hand, there is Clarke with the Grounders who believes she is doing the best she can for her people (even if it doesn’t really make sense to me…) and finally, there is the whole City of Light plot.

I had a mixed opinion about this season until about half the episode. And then, things started changing, and I felt the old spirit of the show again.

Jason Rothenberg said that one of the main characters would die in this season, and I was really scared and worried about this. But never ever did I even imagine that Lexa would die. It was really a schock for me, all the more so since I started liking her more and more. (But at the same time, I think it’s a really interesting plot twist… No one expected it, and I will miss her for sure.) I think she made really smart decisions in this season, and I really liked her character development. I even got to ship her with Clarke in the end, all for nothing…

When it comes to the plot, we have two recurrent characters dead with both Lexa and Monroe (why, oh why). Emori’s brother is also dead, as well as the Ice Queen, Bellamy’s girlfriend and tons of grounders. But I think it means that for now, most our main characters are safe (I feel kinda relieved for Monty, I can’t help it…) It also means that Clarke doesn’t have a love interest anymore. I’m really glad she admitted that she loved Lexa in the end. Their last moments together were really sweet.

And don’t forget when it comes to Bellarke that Jason Rothenberg said that “eventually they will be”. I’m not even sure I want them together anymore. Basically, I just want Bellamy to get his shit together. (And when it comes to Clarke, she could pretty much quote Emma Swan and say “Everyone I’ve been with is dead!” because in a way, it sums up the show…)

I also have a few other things that I wanted to mention. I really like the fact that we are getting flashbacks from 97 years ago, though I’m not really sure I understand everything, things are starting to unveil and it’s pretty cool!

I love how Murphy got completely caught up in the middle of very important things! And it’s awesome to see that Clarke since cares for him as one of “her people”. I’m really curious to see what will happen next, since they both seem to be prisonners of the Grounders now. And I’m curious as to who will become the next commander.

I’m glad to see Indra is back on her feet, and I really like Octavia so far in this season, however I feel bad because Octavia things Clarke decided to leave her and stay in Polis. I can’t wait to see how everything will evolve! So many things are happening, and there are so many things to say!!

A lot of things are still pretty unclear, but slowly, we are learning more and more. If I got it well, Jaha sided unknowingly with the “evil” ALIE who destroyed the world. And the “nice” ALIE is the spirit of the Commander. But maybe the City of Lights isn’t that bad in the end? I don’t trust this whole thing, but one things is sure, there is more to it that it seems…

Also I don’t really like Titus. I trusted him at first because he was on Lexa’s side, but he seems kind of dark and dangerous. So yeah, I’m don’t know what he has in store for us, but I can’t say I’m entirely reassured!

If I needed to sum up my opinion in a few words, I would say that this episode was probably my favourite for this season so far, and I feel like I’m back with my favourite show. Finally, I recognize it. And as usual, I can’t wait for next week! I’m really confused and curious!

And of course, feel free to share your opinion if you’re watching the show!


6 thoughts on “The 100 S3E7

  1. This was the first episode of this season for me that I thought was awesome. The storylines came together, with the AI and the Grounders, Lexa’s dead seemed necessary to advance the plot (although I’ll admit, I cried). Now Bellamy needs to get his act together, he and Octavia needs to kill Pike, I assume Clarke will be chosen as the new Commander in some cool plot twist, and then they’ll have to go up against the AI, maybe the Ice King (i kind of want to see him again, I thought that storyline had potential, even after the Ice Queen died). It was my favorite episode of the season.

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

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    1. I totally agree! Finally it felt like The 100 again. And more things started making sense, that was great. I hope Bellamy will get his shit together soon and people will realise that Pike is wrong! It would be nice to see the Ice King again, and I would love to see Clarke as the commander, that would be awesome… Can’t wait for the next ep!!


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