Once Upon A Time Season 5: Midseason premiere


Hi guys, I’m here again to talk about TV shows! I’m reading lots of books for college at the moment, so I don’t have much things to review… I swear I’m trying!

Anyway, Once Upon A Time is finally back with this brand new mid season, and of course, I had to give my opinion on it. I’m going to try and keep it quick, but a lot happened!

Oh and before you read any further SPOILER ALERT.

First of all, if you haven’t read my previous articles where I talked about OUAT you need to know that I’m a huge fan of Neal, and obviously his death totally destroyed me (oh boy, I sobbed so hard). And recently I heard that he would be in this episode, so trust me I was excited! And he came right at the beginning, and I really loved his (short) scene together with Emma because first we know that he’s in a better place, and second, he says he regrets nothing, so it was really beautiful. And he gets to say a proper goodbye to Emma which was really nice (I would have loved it if he could have seen Henry too though…) So yeah, my opinion doesn’t change, he is my favourite character;

Now let’s move on. The Evil Queen flash back is really interesting, and I hope we’ll see more of it (like, how did Regina’s father get back to the Enchanted Forrest?) I’m always surprised that they still manage to make flashbacks, and the story keeps making sense, so I think it’s a good point.

I think the Underworld as a copycat of Storybrooke is a really interesting concept. We get a lot of reminders of the first season and the curse (with the clock for example) so I hope a few things will be explained!

I’m absolutely delighted to see Peter Pan is back, and really worried as to what Cora is up to. Same with Rumple by the way, he’s such a pain in the ass (sorry if you like him/don’t share my opinion) and I don’t even know why he came.

I really loved the scene between Regina and her father, and it was thoughtful to have Henry see him too! And I’m so relieved he went to the better place.

A lot of characters are back (like Cruella, Cora, Peter Pan, James) and probably will have some interraction with our heroes, but it’s nice to also have some new faces like Hades! I have to admit this mid-season premiere got me really excited, and I really have my hopes up (except for the fact that I’m still not convinced by the Hook/Emma romance…)

One more thing, I’m really curious as to what’s going on in the real Storybrooke, so I hope we’ll get some of that too! I feel like some characters were a bit abandoned at the mid season finale (like Merida or the Camelot characters) and I hope we will get some kind of conclusion to their stories. And a girl can dream, but I would love to see what happened to Red and Mulan on their journey together…


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