The Awakened: My Review


Rating: ★★★★☆

Genre: YA, dystopia, zombies

The story:

Zoey Valentine is a Senior in high school and most of her free time is divided between self-defense classes and reading. And trying to avoid her handsome and teasing neighbour Ash Matthews. And attending the multiple events organised at school by her best friend Madison.

But at the Fall Ball, people start getting weirdly sick. And no, it’s not because of the cupcakes. And then, they start dying. More and more people are dying. And then, the bodies disappear. But then they come back, and Zoey has to run to survive…

My opinion:

Overall, I’m not really a fan of zombie stories because they stress me out. But I still liked this book! I picked it up because it was an Oftomes publication, and I really like this business. It’s different from what I usually read, and a bit out of my comfort zone, but it was still a good read! It’s a zombie story and an apocalyptic story, but it’s also more in my opinion, and that makes it a really interesting book.

Here are a few small points that I wanted to discuss because they made me enjoy this book even more:

_ Zoey’s favourite book is Mists of Avalon. I love this book so much, and I never hear anyone talking about it, so when I so the title, it really made me smile! Also, Zoey is a major bookworm, and I love reading those characters because they feel so relatable… Though she is more than a bookworm, since she has many fighting skills, she is a really interesting character, who has both strengths and weaknesses.

_ Zoey gets her periods during the Apocalypse. Why did I like this? But really, I think that’s important. It makes her human. Did Katniss get them in the arena? Did Teresa get them in the Maze or the Scorch? We never hear of that, and yet that’s really important. I mean, it makes the thing real. I always wonder why it’s never mentioned in books. In a way, I understand why. But I think it’s also interesting and important to mention it! It’s natural, it happens, so it’s interesting to see it also happens in books. People may fall in love during a zombie attack, so it makes sense girls also have their periods…

I really loved the relationship between Ash and Zoey too, and how it evolved through the book. It was totally predictable, but I wanted it too happen…

And I also like that this book is about more than zombies. I think it has a deeper dimension, and should make the reader think about the actual world we live in today, and how we react when we face catastrophes (*spoiler*: bombing all the major cities… It’s totally something we could see. We actually see that today in war zones. And no, it’s definitely not a good idea, but it was obviously a great plot twist in that context! *end of spoiler*)

And I like that there was more to the zombies, or should I call them The Awakened and we got to see a bit of that too. It’s really interesting (yes I know I say interesting a lot in this review, but I think this book was really well made, and the word interesting definitely applies to it) to see what’s behind them, and how we got there, and I don’t know, I just like it.

There’s so much more I could say about that book but I don’t want to say too much spoilery things. I also really liked Zoey’s parents, they were really great characters, and it’s great to say Zoey having such a good relationship with her dad. It’s really good to have such things in books, because it’s not cliché and really enjoyable. (So congrats to Sara Elizabeth Santana for her great work!)

And now I’m just gonna add this: I can’t wait for the sequel!

You may like this book if you liked Divergent or The Maze Runner, and  overall if you like dystopia and zombie stories!


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