My opinion on OUAT 5B so far

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 13 - Labor of Love

Quick update on OUAT since I wanted to share a few things!

The second part of Once Upon A Time’s fifth season has already four episodes out, and I can’t get enough of it. As you may have read earlier on a previous post (here), episode 12 set my hopes up, and it’s living up to it so far.


In each episode, we meet characters from our heroes’s past, some we know, and some we don’t. They help them with their quest, before being able to move on (normally). And I really love that concept.

I also love that we get to see more flashbacks about our heroes’ past. I know that not everyone is a fan of those, but I personally enjoy them a lot, especially the one with Hercules and Snow.

I can’t wait for David to face his brother by the way…

And my favourite thing about this (half) season is probably Henry’s storyline! I really love learning about the author stuff, and I really like his quest for the quill, and his final decision at the end of the last episode. I hope everything will work out! Unlike what he thinks, I believe he is a hero… And I loved that scene with Charming, it was so cute!

I was a bit skeptical about 5A and all that Emma-dark-one thing, and I thought I simply had grown tired of this show, but seeing all of this, it’s not the case at all, and I’m really happy about that!

I’m still not a huge fan of Captain Swann but they obviously need each other, so I’m curious as to how everything will turn out…

The thing that worries me the most is not even Hades, I think he is a brilliant villain (and oh boy, now I’m curious about his past with Zelina??) What worries me the most is Rumple, as usual. We don’t see much of him since there is already a lot happening, but he messes everything up everytime we see him, so I’m really worried about that. And what of Peter Pan, will we see him again? And what of Belle? Is she really pregnant? That is also a really interesting plot twist…

One more thing, I’m really curious as to what is actually happening in Storybrooke while everyone is in the Underworld.

Basically, I can’t wait for the next episode, and for the rest of the season! I just want to see what the writers have in store for us!


4 thoughts on “My opinion on OUAT 5B so far

  1. I’ve had OUAT series in my hard drive for the longest time now. I’ve never actually had watched it because there’s just a lot of things that get in my way. Hope I could watch this series soon enough! 😊

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