Rant: The 100 S3E9

Finally, we got a new episode of The 100. So many things happened, I don’t know how I will get over this… I am heartbroken, but at the same time, I really like the turn it is taking… Let me explain.

Warning: Spoilers

1- The Nightbloods

I have to check Wikia to understand that part, and now that I finally do, it’s actually really interesting. Let me explain (or was I the only one who did not understand?) Basically, before going to the ground, Becca injected herself with a substance which would keep her safe from radiations, and turned her blood black. She became commander. Later, all the kids who turned out to have black blood would be sent to Polis to be trained, and the commander would be chosen amon them.

2- Shit going on in Polis + New commander

I have to admit I had forgotten about Ontari, and never thought she would come back on the show. But obviously, she’s here to stay. She is totally ruthless, and will set a complete mess among the Grounders themselves, and with the Sky People (since she’s Ice Nation, I wonder if we will see Echo again?) I was really sad and schocked when I realised she had killed Aden without second thoughts, that kid was really cute and genuine.

But I couldn’t help but notice there is potential for some kind of relationship with Murphy. Obviously, she will want to kill him. But at the same time, she took her bath in front of him, and he said he didn’t care about what would happen to Sky Kru. So maybe there will be something else going on… I’m curious! (On a side note, where the hell is Emori??)

Also I still don’t know what to make of Roan. One moment I really like him, and the next one I’m disappointed in his choices. However, I hope we’ll see more of him, I think he is an interesting character and a very good add to the show!

3- Is Bellamy trying to make amends?

I have to admit, he used to be one of my favourite characters, but he really disappointed me in the first part of this season. However, he finally seems to be noticed his mistakes, so my hopes are back up! (Though I’m still waiting for a proper reunion with Clarke…) If he is back with his old friends, I can’t hope for more. However I remember there was a scene with Octavia beating him up in the trailer, and we haven’t seen that yet… It will maybe come in the next episode, and she will blame him for Lincoln’s death, and I can’t blame her for that. If Bellamy if finally getting his shit together, I can’t wait to see how it will turn out! If he’s not, I’ll just probably give up on him. Even if it breaks my heart.

4- Breaking out of Arkadia

I’m so glad Miller and his boyfriend set things straight.

I’m so glad for all the Kabby moments we have. The more episodes of the show we get, the more I like them together… And that kiss, it was so perfect.

The master plan to get out of Arkadia was really genius in my opinion. I’m so glad it worked out, and all the “rebels” allied together to break their friends out. I’m so glad Sinclair and Kane didn’t die, because I would probably have given up on the show (just kidding, it’s never going to happen). I’m so heartbroken because of what happened to Lincoln. Even if rationally, it makes some kind of sense. This show will spare no one, really. And I’m so sad for Octavia…

However, all this set up an interesting plot device: now there is a group of Sky People living outside of Arkadia, because they do not agree with their government. And basically everyone is against them… I think the show is taking an interesting turn with this (and it has most of my favourite characters, so it’s really exciting).

Oh and I’m so glad Monty got his shit together too, his relationship with his mother is really interesting, and I wonder what will happen to him…

5- Clarke set on a new quest

I wanted to mention that I really loved the moments between Murphy and Clarke. I really did miss that even if I hadn’t realised this. It was completely unexpected, and for some time, Clarke was reunited with one of her people, which is getting rare, so that was great.

I’m also glad Titus decided to protect her in the end, and now she has a new objective which I’m rather curious about… Even if I would prefer her going with a bunch of friends rather than alone.

6- What I missed in this episode

We didn’t see either Raven or Jasper in this episode, and I wish we could see more of them in this season. Even more so since a lot is happening with them and I’m really curious about it… Even if no one seems to care about him I’m also curious about what happened to Jackson. And from the next episode summary, I know that Jaha will be present and as annoying as ever, and how much as I dislike the whole City of Light business, I hope we will found out more about it!

7- Bonus stuff

I also found some interesting articles about the show, if you’d like to check them out!

From The 5th Wave to The 100: The State of Onscreen YA (Article from January) This is about YA and dystopias (and how The 100 is a great accomplishment, also featuring a great video about Hermione and the the patriarchy…)

Is The 100 the new Game of Thrones? (Article from February) Fun fact, I started watching both shows around the same time. This article is really great and well made, it made some really great points about things I couldn’t agree more with, things that I hadn’t necessarily realised… Though Game of Throne’s permanent killing of everyone is something I was getting tired of in the last season. However, in The 100, it feels more different, but also more understandable…

4 Ways The 100 is now beating Game of Thrones (April 1st) Another article comparing the two shows, I really like the paragraph concerning the characters’ death. Finn’s death is completely “justified” and more recently, I think Lexa’s death can also be explained as an important plot device (we discover more about the origin of “the commander” and it sets Clarke on a new quest), and though it completely broke Octavia’s heart as well as mine, Lincoln’s death was not only beautifully made, but can also be justified as a sacrifice to save his people (and I hope Pike will stay true to his word!)

The 100 Boss apologizes for how Lexa died in open letter to fans (Article from March) If you are still heartbroken by Lexa’s death as I am, you should definitely check this out. I grew really fond of Lexa and it’s just sad Alycia didn’t have time to keep up with the show… It would have been interesting!

If you read until the end, thank you, and I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to share your opinion below, I always love talking about this show, and I could have said so much more about it…


5 thoughts on “Rant: The 100 S3E9

  1. I haven’t been watching this and when my cousin described it I just found it funny. But nice post and good to know that they’ve now apologized about the Lesbians dying thing. My cousin was pretty mad about that.

    btw, the actor in the picture… isn’t that the guy in Black Sails? I love him!

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