Landline: My Review

Genre: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

My rating: ★★★★★


Georgie and Neal have been (more or less) happily married for years, and have two lovely daughters when things start getting rough. Right before the family is supposed to go on a Christmas holiday with Neal’s grandmother, Georgie has to make a choice: a producer has agreed to produced the show she has been working for years with her best friend Seth. Except the meeting is right in the middle of the holidays, and she decides to stay behind.

This is the second Christmas Neal and Georgie spend apart since they started dating in college. The fist one was many years ago, and ended in Neal proposing to her. But this time it’s different. Or is it? When Georgie calls Neal’s childhood home with the old landline, strange things happen… Will Georgie be able to change the past?

My Review:

I read it in a day, it was amazing!

It might get a bit spoilery, so read at your own risk!

(Really, it’s not really spoilery, but I prefer warning first!)

Landline is a beautiful story with mystery and romance, set between past and present. I really loved how the time limits got blurred between the present and the memories, and of course, how everything got mixed up with the phone calls.

The characters are really endearing and feelu so human and relatable. Because really, what would you do if you were Georgie? How hard with it to choose between your dream coming true and your family? Because I know it is.

Georgie is the student then woman who knows what she wants, but has difficulties setting things right. She’s an idealistic, but it’s hard dealing with reality. Seth is her charitsmatic and handsome best friend who missed his chance with her when she fell in love with Neal. He wants her to be happy, and is obsessed with their future TV show, probably even more than she is. Neal is more of an introvert, who really cares about Georgie but sees clearly how different they are. He’s more down-to-earth than she is, he doesn’t have a dream, but he always wants the best for his family.

The secondary characters like Scotty and Heather are also really interesting. I really love how Georgie’s relationship with her (really) younger sister developped through the story, and how they finally could share things together. Oh and Georgie’s daughters are absolutely adorable too.

I also like how their past story slowly unfolded, and how little by little, we learnt more about their past and their relationship. It was beautifully made in my opinion, and kept some surprises until the end… Once again, Rainbow Rowell made an excellent job!

As for the ending, I really wondered through the book how it would turn out. The past was a bit obvious (though it was really well done) but as for the present, I was really unsure how it would turn out, and I like how the book kept the suspense until the end… Even more so since I loved the ending!

Overall, this book was an amazing ride, and I don’t see what I could complain about! I definitely recommend it!

Recommended for:

You will probably like this if you liked other books by Rainbow Rowell, and some parts also made me think of Us by David Nicholls, so if you liked it, you will probably like Landline as well!

Please share your opinion below if you have read the book!


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