A world of fanfictions

Hi guys! This is just a quick update because I started reading fanfictions again recently. I mostly read Bellarke stories because I’m a hardcore fan of The 100 and I’m totally biaised towards Bellarke, but I don’t know why I stopped at some point. However last week’s episode made me want to read them again, and I’m back on the track. I read them over on Archive Of Our Own, and I wanted to share my two favourite authors: LuxeLisbon and Lexilindale35.

And even more importantly (at least to me!) being back on Archive means I finally started updating my story again! Yes, I hadn’t posted a single chapter since August, I am ashamed…

Story blurb: Bellarke AU where Clarke is an art student, and has found a shitty job for Winter break, she works near the Christmas market and has to indicate the way to lost people, because the bus stop has changed, etc. It’s raining, and meanwhile, Bellamy works at the local Starbucks. He feels bad for her and brings her a drink during his break…

Here is the link if you want to know more!

I also wrote a Harry + Ron fanfiction which is completed if you want to read it was well ♥ (here)

Please let me know what you think of it if you end up reading it!


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