My updated opinion on The 100

Warning: spoilers!

I know this season is almost over, but I hadn’t shared my opinion in a while, and so much has happened in the past episodes that I thought I would write one more article about it. Okay, it hasn’t been that long actually, but there are still events I wanted to comment on.

First of all, dear showrunners, why are you killing everyone?

I was barely done with Lexa’s mourning that Lincoln was dead. Right, I already talked about that, I know, but he was really one of my favourite characters, and that is bad. I read a lot of articles about his death and whether killing him was racism and whether Ricky Whittle was bullied or not, and I don’t really want to comment on it because I’m confused, but what matters really to me is that everyone keeps dying and I do not agree.

Last week, we had to watch Monty kill his own mother. His shooting was in the trailer, so we should have known something bad would happen. Then we watched him reunite with his mom, which was amazing, and side with Pike, which was awful, then he saved his friends, and we were glad to have him back, but now will you please stop torturing him because I can’t bear it? Really, he doesn’t even speak to his best friend anymore, the one who really could help him get over all this… And of course, it was an interesting plot device, but did it really have to be that way?

And this week, Sinclair died. He was part of the adult gang, with Abby and Kane, the ones who were always trying their best, and siding with the 100. He was the closest Raven had to a family, and I really loved their relationship. First you ruined Abby and Jackson by making them swallow the pill-thing. And now Sinclair is dead, it doesn’t make sense. I mean, his death really didn’t bring anything to the show, except one more person to mourn. We didn’t get to see enough of him and Raven, and he never parted properly with either Abby or Markus… That is so incredibly unfair (and that is also the spirit of the show, I know it).

We had one more death in the last episode, and I’m not going to say I regret that one. Obviously, Emerson was going to come back since he was still alive, and obviously, he was not going to hug Clarke and thank her for sparing his life and everything. I think that his character was really underexploited in this season, his revenge plot could have been more developed (even if there was already a lot going on). And this time he struck, but it was only for one episode, and we barely saw him. Now he is dead, but I think it was a bit useless. We just have more dead characters, and we confirmed that the A.I. kills people who are not nightblood, but that’s all. How much as I like the characters’ reunion (really, that totally got me excited, I have to admit, and now they are already parting… this is not what I signed for!) I think this last episode could have given us so much more… I don’t know, maybe this season is just not what I expected, and I am in the mood to complain, but I feel that something is missing (and I mean something else than all the dead characters). It’s like all we knew has disappeared, and this has become a complete different show. I barely recognize my favourite characters, and I don’t know what to think about this show anymore…

Okay, let’s take a break. This is not the direction I was planning on taking when I started this article, but now the deed is not, and I have stated it: I miss the original spirit of The 100. It has started coming back in the past few episodes, with the original delinquents reuniting, but I still feel that something is missing. However, I still feel something when I watch it, I feel something that I missed, and I hope it won’t be gone now that they are separated again (and the A.I. keeps ruining everything).

One last thing I wanted to discuss is the fact that Thelonious went to see Ontari. I totally didn’t see that coming, even if now I realise that I should have. And that only means one thing: the whole situation is becoming one hell of the mess. I also loved the reunion between John and Emori, but of course, something had to be off. And now Alie has everything under control. Kane is probably going to arrive in Polis soon and will have to face this pit of hell. He will see Thelonious doing crap and will probably realise Abby has taken the pill as well. Or they will simply put him in jail with Murphy… I don’t know but I have to admit this still got me curious. This whole crazy plot of the city of lights finally got me curious, and even if it’s not what I expected from this show, it is constantly changing, I have to admit this and get used to it.

And I can’t wait for next week’s episode…

Please share your opinion if you are watching The 100 as well, I would love to discuss it with you!

PS: I found out about this amazing Bellamy Blake character video the other day on tumblr, if you love Bellamy and feel bad/don’t understand what happened with him since the beginning of season 3, then this will definitely help!

PPS: If you want to check it out, I’m writing a Bellarke AU Fanfiction HERE


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