Game of Thrones: Season 6 Premiere

To change a little bit from my past articles about TV shows, I’m going to talk about Game of Thrones, because IT IS FINALLY BACK and I’m so excited about this!

I just came back from a four days trip yesterday night, and I finally have access to Internet, so I was able to watch the season premiere, and I loved it!

A lot of you are probably watching this shows, if you haven’t seen this episode yet, than WARNING, SPOILERS!

We saw different story lines here, and I’m going to try and talk about them all, then talk about what I wanted to see in the premiere…

_ Sansa and Theon: from the trailer, we knew they would survive the fall, and indeed they did. Theon finally seems to have his senses back, and I really like the bond he has with Sansa, and how it makes him try and do the right thing. And yes, Sansa is finally reunited with Brienne (and Pod!) I can’t wait to see how this will turn out! As usual, Brienne was pretty badass, and we saw a lot of blood – because what better way do we have to start a new season of Game of Thrones?

“It’s a bloody woman!”

_ Cersei and Jaime: they finally reunited for good, and so far, are mourning the death of their daughter. I realised I like them more and more, since they both lost so much. Even though they hurt so many people, they lost so much, and soon I’ll see myself rooting for the Lannisters. And also I’m damn curious about the musterious new guard we saw at the end of last season, I really hope we’ll learn more about him soon!

_ Dorne storyline: another bloody episode. I have to admit I don’t really like Elara and her gang, but it turned out rather awesome in that episode. And even though they are violent and all (which is something I definitely need to get used to with that show) I thought what they did made sense. After all, this show is about fighting for your people, and Doran was clearly doing nothing. And it’s great to have women take the power! I really want to see how this will turn out, and how they will interact with other families. Since Stannis died, there was one less opponent for the throne, but with this new plot twist, the Dornish probably won’t let the others rest!

_ Daenerys: as usual, she fought her best, and impressed her opponents. But I find her still desilusional, especially when she sees herself as queen and everything. Well, she is the queen of Mereen and the cities she conquered, but really, after all this time, how can she still claim to be the heiress to the Iron throne? (Yes, I’ve been wondering about this ever since the beginning of the show, and I probably never will stop.) And just when she thought she had won her freedom, they want to lock her up with other widows… That’s another interesting plot twist (and the perks of not knowing the tradition of the people you hang out with) and I can’t wait to see how she will fight her way out of this.

_ As for Tyrion and Varys, they try their best to rule the kingdom Daenerys abandoned, and find themselves stuck there after a fire. I don’t have much to say about those two. I really like their dynamic though, but so far, their storyline doesn’t make me very curious.

_ Jorah and Daario are on their way to find Daenerys, and find out she has been taken by the Dothraki. I really like the dynamic between those two as well, and I’m also curious as to how Jorah’s illness will turn out… After all we didn’t talk about it a lot in the previous season, but it’s clearly getting worse.

_ Winterfell: with both Sansa and Theon gone, Ramsay is deep in the shit, especially since his father doesn’t seem to trust him anymore…

“You played your games with her. You played your games with the heir to the Iron Islands and now they’re both gone.” – Roose Bolton, who perfectly sums up the situation

_ Castle Black: Jon is dead, and only a few men are still faithfull to him, as well as Davos, who is taking lead. Ghost is mourning his master, and Allister is ready to take over and kill everyone who stands in his way. Meanwhile – and this is probably the biggest schocker of the episode – we find out that Melisandre is actually an old granny who maintains her gorgeous appearance through magic!! This is such an interesting plot twist, and I realised I like her character more and more…

_ Margery: we didn’t get to see much of her at the end of the last season, so I’m glad we finally got some updates. I guess since Cersei had to confess to get out of her dungeon or prison or whatever she will have to do that too… It was great to see her alive and beautiful, and I would love to see her sneak out! Or maybe Tomen could finally do something about it! (Where is he by the way? His father/uncle is back, his sister is dead, his wife is in prison, and we didn’t even get to see him…)

_ Arya and the mad girl: I’m seriously losing interest in Arya’s storyline, so I hope there will soon be some kind of interesting plot twist, at least, I hope we will se more than the crazy blonde girl beating her up with a stick…

What I wanted to see:

_ Come on, I’ve been waiting an entire season to see what happens to Bran, and he still wasn’t in the season premiere? What are you doing people, really? He is my favourite character and I want to see what’s up with him now that Jojen (my other bae) is dead… I want to see him and Meera, please, thank you, that’s all I ask.

_ I’m also curious as to what happened with Rickon but since we haven’t heard about him for seasons, I wonder if we will ever hear what happened to him and Osha…

_ While I’m complaining about people who disappeared from the show, I really wonder what happened to Gendry, it’s a pity he disappeared like that.

_ And finally, is Loras even still alive? I really want to see how it will turn out for him and Margery… And Olenna too, she’s so great!

_ Wait, now that I think about it, will we see Sam again? Does anyone know it? Because I hate it when characters just disappear from the show and we don’t know anything…

Here we go, that’s about it for today! Now, dear Game of Thrones, bring on episode two!


2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Season 6 Premiere

  1. I literally screamed when Brienne came to the rescue! She’s such a badass. I hope she has a long life in the show, but I”m not optimistic.

    I was also very disappointed at the lack of Bran in the premier. We have no idea what is going on with him, even in the books, so anything would have been new and exciting. But no!!

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