New World Rising: My Review

New World Rising

Genre: YA, dystopia

Author: Jennifer Wilson

Publication date: 2016, by Oftomes

My rating: ★★★★★

The story:

Pheonix lives alone in the city of Tartarus, which is rules by the Tribes and their terrible rule “Join or Die”. But the Ravagers killed her parents right in front of her eyes, and the Scavengers stole everything they had, so she swore never to join any of the five tribes. She has very strict rules, and managed to survive alone for years, following her mother’s last wish: “Be strong and survive”.

But one day, she disobeys her own rules and she interfers to save a little girl, only it doesn’t turn that well for her, and she wakes up in an unknown place, where she will discover there is more to Tartarus and the Sanctuary beyond the Wall than she thought there was…

My opinion:

This book was brilliant! My expectations weren’t that high, considering apocalyptic stories aren’t necessarily my favourites, but oh boy, my mind was blown. It was amazing.

It was a rather easy read, and the writing style was extremely enjoyable. The book was hard to put down, and the story really really addictive. I couldn’t help always wanting more… It was really a lovely surprise!

I think Phoenix, Triven and Mouse are really unique characters who have unique back-stories and an amazing chemistry. It was a pleasure to read about them, how they grew closer, and how well they worked together. I found Arden and Maddox also really interesting, and I would definitely enjoy reading prequel novellas about their back stories!

Even though bits and pieces of the story evoked me other dystopian novels I had read (like Divergent or The Awakened, and even The Hunger Games) it also had its very specific tone and pace that made it unique. As I said before, I kept wanting more, and at the same time, this book kept surprising me!

I’m not sure what else I can add, except that I loved it. It has a fast pace, a great setting, and interesting characters, what more can I ask for?

Recommended for:

People who like apocalyptic stories and dystopia. If you liked Divergent or The Awakened, with tads of The Hunger Games then this is definitely the thing for you!


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