Into the Forest: Short Review

Into the Forest (Curses of VIII, #0.5)

Into the Forest is the prequel novella to the “Curses of VIII” series by Freedom Matthews, and it was released earlier in May. The first book in the series, Inherited, will be published in June by Oftomes Publishing.

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Faerys and Pirates

Rating: ★★★★☆

The story:

On the day of Ravenzara’s coronation as the Sorceress of the faerys, deep in the forest, her bitter sister casts her a curse, which will bring her unhappiness.

Ravenzara is not only a faery, but also in love with a human, Gaspard, who takes her away on his ship, to see the world, and they promise each other that nothing can separate them.

The ebook also includes a preview for Inherited.

My opinion:

Before I say anything, I just wanted to point out how gorgeous this cover is.

Now, back to business. It was a really beautiful and quick read, that got me curious for Inherited! Freedom Matthews created an amazing world for her books, and you should definitely check them out, you won’t regret it. This novella has faerys and pirates, which is already amazing. It mixes love, magic and adventure in the best possible way.

The only thing I regretted is how short it was! I would have love to read more about Ravenzara, especially what happened after the end of the story. But I suppose the point of a prequel novella is to show you little and get you curious…

Recommended for:

People who love fantasy and adventures, and want to be transported to amazing imaginary worlds!


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