Final Thoughts on OUAT Season 5


As the fifth season of Once Upon A Time draws to an end, I am left with two major questions: Why did Robin Hood have to die? And why does Rumple always have to be such a piece of crap?

Now, it’s been a while since I last posted a rant on Once Upon A Time, and a lot happened.

First of all, what really made me happy is that there is finally a sisterly bond between Regina and Zelina. I’m really happy that Zelina (sort of?) became a hero, and that Regina has some family by her side. It was great to see the flashback when they got on well as kids. And I’m really happy for Regina since in the end, she reconciled with her mom, and Cora was able to move on to a better place. Even if she was not exactly my favaourite character, it was beautiful to see her move on and realise her mistakes. (And yes, I know it’s out of the blue, but someone else deserved to move on and that’s Milah, damn you showriters for giving her such a sad ending!)

What I also really liked is that we finally got Violet back on screen. I love that Henry gets some action, and it’s good to see he is not the only teenager on the show too.

Now that I’m saying positive things, I think this Jekyll & Hyde thing is an interesting add to the show, at least it got me really curious.

This season was a heck of a ride, and I’m glad Hook was able to make it in the end, but really, why on Earth did Robin Hood have to die? It doesn’t make sense okay. Regina really deserves happiness, and it’s just so hearbreaking to watch her. (Though, and I really wanted to mention that, Lana Parilla really does an amazing job portraying her, she is really awesome!)

I also wanted to mentioned how apalled I was by Arthur’s death. It was really quick and meaningless. Though I loved the little “bromance’ (quoting the Blind Witch here) and the conclusion to his story.

Oh, and I don’t think I talked about Ruby’s storyline. It was really great to have her back, with Mulan too. It’s really a pity we don’t see that much of them. And though I didn’t really like Dorothy, I just loved how cute they were together.

I realise I haven’t complained much so far, and I think it’s a good thing. I don’t have much to add. I’m really glad this show didn’t let me down this season. I guess I just genuinely love this show, whatever happens… And now I can’t wait for the next season, because once again, the writers managed to get me real curious.


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