Final thoughts on The 100 Season 3

So apparently this was the week of season finales, so here we go again. I’m going to be so bored now that both OUAT and The 100 are over.. Oh well, I’ll have time to work on my exams watch Doctor Who.

Anyway, one more season of The 100 has come and gone, I can’t believe time flies so fast.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

What I liked about this season:

_ Monty and Harper got together! I’ve been lowkey shipping them since season 1 when Jasper called her “low hanging fruit” and Monty was like, dude no that’s rude and not true. And then they spent a lot of time together in Mount Weather, and even saw each other get drilled, I guess that gets people closer… Just kidding. But what I mean is that I’m glad they’re both getting their share of happiness – especially Monty who had to kill his mom TWICE this season – and they’re so cute together.

(Yes, that’s from season 2. It’s only to prove a point. These two are golden.)

_ I also really like that they decided to keep Emori, she brings the best out of John, and she is such a badass character.

_ We got to learn a lot more about the Grounders and the origins of the Commander. We discovered the Ice Nation, and even got to see the mysterious Luna. Now it’s all messed up, and I hope Gounders and Skykru will be able to work together and find a solution since apparently the world is supposed to end in 6 months…

_ Abby and Kane finally admitted they had feelings for each other.

_ A lot of questions were answered, including how things got organised with the Grounders, and we learnt more about how this whole Apocalypse started through ALIE and Becca. As much as I hated the City of Lights, this was definitely interesting.

_ Our characters keep getting stronger and it’s amazing to watch.

_ We also got some new character such as Brian, Luna and Roan (and Pike and Hannah too, but since they’re dead, there’s not much we’ll have about them).

_ There are still 44 of the original 100 who are alive according to Wikia. Monroe is the only one who died this season (maybe along with another one we didn’t know) and even if her death made no sense to me, it’s still a record for our delinquents.

_ Oh and we got some flashbacks from the Ark and the Earth Skills class, that was definitely awesome. (And now I’m wondering why Harper was arrested… We know that Miller was a thief – where is his dad by the way? – and Monty and Jasper smoke illegal stuff, we know about Clarke and Octavia, but I really wonder what Harper did… And I hope she’ll be a regular next season!)

_ Indra and Jasper are still alive, which is something I’m thankful for.

_ We got a final scene with Lexa, even if it didn’t make much sense… I told you my spirit would choose wisely.

_ Aaand Jasper and Monty are friends again, I couldn’t ask for more!

_ Also Bellamy and Clarke finished the season side by side, I’m glad they’re still such a good platonic team. And they’re still very close *hands holding*. Now maybe they’ll be able to take some time to cope with everything they did. I can’t wait to see how their relationship will turn out.

Now, the first finale showed Mount Weather, and the second one showed the City of Lights. This time, we’re not really sure, but apparently the world is supposed to end in six months.

What can we expect for season 4?

_ The world will have to reconstruct itself, and accept the fact that they might all die in 6 months.

_ Is Clarke going to ne the new commander? That will probably be an issue, she took the flame after all.

_ Octavia is leaving alone, I expect we’ll see some of that. Maybe she’ll get back with Indra and the Trikru, maybe she’ll go on her own and mourn Lincoln. Or she might join Luna. I think that’s going to be interesting!

_ The Sky people will have to elect a new Chancellor, since Pike is dead. My bets are on Kane. (Oh and please, could he get married with Abby?? That would be awesome okay!!)

_ Monty and Raven (and all the others actually) have been through enough crap and pain, I expect they’ll get some peace for now.

_ What’s going to happen with Jaha, since he’s the one who brought all this mess here?

_ Will season four take up right where season 3 left, or will there be a time gap like between season 2 & 3?

_ And one big question, obviously, is Bellarke going to happen this season?

Anyway, these are only suppositions, and as you probably can guess, I can’t wait!!


3 thoughts on “Final thoughts on The 100 Season 3

  1. i LOVED the finale, especially bellamy and clarke holding hands AND lexa coming back (i’m not a huge shipper either way, so i didn’t see those as competing moments)! i felt like they definitely left it pretty open as for what could happen in season 4, though rothenberg has said they’ll “*try* to make s4 less brutal”…emphasis on “try” lol! i can’t believe we have to wait a year for next season! i’m already aching with withdrawal!!!

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    1. I know right!! Haha, he’s always promising a lot of things but I don’t trust him xD Though we had a mass murder in each season so far so I guess it’s not that hard to make it less brutal!

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