I finally watched HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

Hello lovelies! This is a post I have been meaning to make for the past few weeks, and I am finally getting around it. All my friends watched HIMYM when we were in High School, but I didn’t watch many shows at the time, except for Kdramas, so I never got around it… Until a while ago in February. I finished binge watching it in May and now I’m basically doing the same with Doctor Who… Anyway, back to business.

How I Met Your Mother poster

If you don’t know the story, it evolves around a group of friends in their thirties: Marshall and Lily who have been together since their first year of college (he’s an aspiring environmental laywer, she’s a kindergarden teacher), Robin who is a Canadian news anchor, Barney who is a total player with an unknow well-paying job, and Ted, the narrator, who is an architect, and is supposed to tell his kids the story of how he met their mother, except on the way, he tells them many other things.

HIMYM is a nine seasons sitcom, and it’s absolutely hilarious. It aired between 2005 and 2014, and follows the characters for about three decades between the flashbacks anc everything. Yes, it can be a bit repetitive sometimes, but I found it totally worth it.

I’m in love with all the characters, and their friendship is just so amazing. It makes me want to keep my friends forever and just become old and stay funny together (okay, sometimes I’m a bit like Ted, who just wants to be old. But I can be a bit like all the characters. Everyone can, probably. They’re just so relatable each in their own way.)

Positive points:
* Funny
* Relatable and believable
* Awesome characters
* Great character development
* Marshall and Lily are just so cheesy and adorable
* Robin is really inspirational
* Ted is my alter ego, I just love his shitty jokes and the useless stuff he knows
* BarneyΒ not really a good person, but he is still hilarious

Negative points:
* Sometimes repetitive
* The last season was a bit disappointing


I didn’t mind the fact that it was a bit repetitive, as I grew really attached to all the characters, and enjoyed seeing them grow older and change. It was really fun and enjoyable, and I think it’s a really great show to take your mind off things. And yet, it also knew when to be believable, and had its sad or emotional parts, which also part of what makes this show so great.

However I was a bit disappointed in the ending and how things turned out at the very end. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the mother in the end, she and Ted where perfect together, and they even had an adorable back story. She also got on well with the gang, which was awesome. However, what happened in the very end after they met (etc. I don’t want to get spoilery, but if you’ve watched the show, you’ll see what I mean)Β was a bit pointless and not the best thing the writers did on that show. Many people disliked the ending, and I won’t go to the extent of saying that I hated it, but I can say one thing: it really was not what I was expecting.

But in the end, even if the last season was not the best thing ever, I absolutely do not regret watching this show, and I would just love to see more of it. If you have any similar show/book/movie/anything to recommend, I’m interested!



12 thoughts on “I finally watched HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

  1. I absolutely adored HIMYM!
    I’ve watched the outtakes and bloopers dozens of times too, the early seasons of those are amazing. πŸ˜€
    The thing that annoyed me most about the final episode was the way Barney’s story-line was treated. After nine seasons of character progression, it seemed a bit rubbish. 😦 (I tried to make that un-spoilery for people reading this)
    Glad you liked it too!

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  2. I love this show!!!! Marshall is one of my favorite tv characters. It’s so quotable and hilarious. I’ve rewatched it a good 4 times or so already. But let’s be real…this show would be nothing without Barney. He’s such a lovable douchebag haha.

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  3. I loved this show! I thought the end was disappointing too, but I guess not every ending can be a happy ending. My other favorite sitcom is Friends and if you haven’t watched all of them DO IT!

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