The Possession + Simple Passion Review

The Possession (original title: L’occupation) was published by Annie Ernaux in 2002.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Simple Passion (original title: Passion Simple) was published in 1991.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Genre: Non Fiction

I decided to review those two books together because they felt rather similar. Both are non fiction, as all of Ernaux’s books are. And both are about a man, and a passion. Neither man is identified, one is referred to as A. and the other one as W. (for privacy reasons, obviously).

As you may have noticed, I have been reading and reviewing many of Ernaux’s books for the past few month. I studied one of her works in my literature class, and we even got to meet her, which was amazing, so I am trying to read all of her work because I find it extremely inspiring (though those were not my favourites).

Her writing is unique, she shows strength and passion. What struck me in those two works is that to some extent, I understand her. On my own level, that is, but still, it did feel relatable. She shows how she was dedicated, and how she always wanted to know everything about the man she loved. How she always wanted to know everything, etc. And that is perfetly human.

What impresses me too is that she seems afraid of nothing when she writes. Through her works, the reader learns everything about her, she seems to omit nothing, even very personal things like here, whe she talks about her love and sexual relationships. She is straightforward, and that makes her work unique and excellent.

If you have never read any of her works, I wouldn’t recommend those, but if you have and want to read more, then you can definitely check those out! (And unlike others, they have been translated in English, so that’s a good point, right?)

So overall, here are the positive points:
* feminist voice
* straightforward
* awesome writing
* short reads

And the negative poins:
* very personal
* can ocasionally make you feel uneasy


I’m reading yet another one of her works at the moment (the title is translated as I Remain in Darkness, and it was originally published in 1996). However, as this one is in facts excerpts from her diary, I won’t review it because it somehow feels weird. But I’m enjoying it a lot!


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