Reflection: Thorn of the White Rose – My Review

Reflection: Thorn of the White Rose (Records of the Ohanzee, #3)

I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for a honest review. This doesn’t influence my review in anyway.

Thorn of the White Rose is the third book in the Records of the Ohanzee series. It was written by Rachel Smith, and published on May 29th.

Genre: YA, Fantasy

My rating: ★★★★☆

Warning: May contain spoilers for the first and second books in the series!

The story:

In this third installment of the series, Nerissa continues her quest for the mysterious books and the prophecy along with the members of the Ohanzee who still believe she is a man called Caeneus, who is heir to thr throne. She is indeed the heir, however not the one they expected since they believe she is dead.

The stories picks up exactly where book two left, and we also see Nerissa and Rian getting closer!

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My opinion:

I read the first books a few month ago, it it took me a moment to immerse myself back into the story, however once that was done, I was absolutely delighted to be back into this fantastic world. My only regret is that I wish the book had been longer!

First of all, I have to say I really love the writing style. I just really enjoy how it’s written, and that makes reading the book extremely pleasant. And before I move further I also really love the cover of this book.

Now, on to the characters. Nerissa is still hiding under the disguise of Caeneus, and to be honest, she is doing it awesomely… Except there is trouble ahead on two sides: her voice-changing necklace is acting weird, and of course, there is Rian. I really liked what this book had in store for my favourite heiress, and I really like her character development: even though she wants to get back what is truly hers (aka the throne) she doesn’t want any blodshed, she wants to do and keep things right, etc. She is really honourable, and at the same time, we see in her relationships with Raysel, Rian or Desta that she is still a very human characters. She likes being treated as equal to the others, and is a protective “big brother” to Desta, and it’s really pleasant.

I also enjoy the fact that this book is not overflowing with romance, because it is obviously not the most important thing the characters have to do. At the same time, the change in the relationships between the characters (trying to remain spoiler free, that’s not easy) is discreetly introduced, and the romantic aspect of the story (which is grabbing all my feels and makes me act like a crazy fangirl) is just perfect, and in the right amount! Yes, that probably doesn’t seem really clear to you, but I wanted it to stay spoiler free. Let’s say that the plot is slowly introducing a little bit of romance, and I had been waiting for it so I’m delighted, and it is not in the central focus, which is really pleasant, because the rest of the intrigue is awesome and should not be overshadowed!

Through this book, we saw old characters like of course, the members of the Ohanzee, and Charis. We also read about Casimer and his family, as well as the Senka. And we met new characters such as Barr, who is a really great introduction to the plot! Overall, it was really pleasant to read about them, even though reading about Casimer and the Senka irks me since, you know, they’re the villain. My only regret concerning this aspect of the novel is that we didn’t really get to see Shae or Ildiko, and I really like both of these badass ladies, but hopefully they will be back in the next (and final?) installment!

Overall, it was a great sequel (though my favourite remains the second book!). The story keeps evolving, and it’s really refreshing. I just wish it would have been a little bit longer because I am extremely curious as to what will happen next!

Recommended for:

YA & Fantasy lovers obviously. If you like adventures and stories such as Red Queen you will probably like that one as well and it’s less bloody, if I may!

PS: You can follow Rachel Smith on her blog if you want to learn more about this series and have the news before anyone else! Her blog is called Records of the Ohanzee


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