Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 6

I was really looking forward to write this article, but now that I’m actually doing it I don’t even know where to start or what to say… Anyway, this season was my favourite so far (at least I think so. I liked it much better than the previous one!) and though I was getting tired at the end of S5 now I’m totally back on track and I can’t wait for the next season! If I muster my courage I will also try and finish the books by next year… But anyway, back to business!


I really like the fact that this season is finally giving some true power to our ladies instead of having them raped. Of course, we had Daenerys but her plot was getting boring, and now she finally got some action (that did not include ride her dragons or survive a fire). The alliance with the Greyjoys was totally unexpected, and I totally love the idea, especially since I totally love Yara as a queen. Though yeah, she has not been chosen by her people, but that’s only a matter of time. At least I hope so. And it’s also good to see Theon getting his mind back, but back to the ladies.

We have Dany and Yara totally ruling their job. Margery was also awesome this season, though we didn’t see her much. I was really looking forward to see what her plan was with the High Sparrow and everything, but someone had other plans in mind… And that’s a waste if I have to be honest. I already despised Cersei (though not that much with that season) and now I just plainly hate her. I can’t stand her. I’m totally disappointed by this. However that was still an interesting plot twist, because we all have to admit, Tommen was not a really strong king. Though I totally didn’t see his suicide coming. But I guess the writers had to make the story move on…

But back to our ladies, because I am not done with them. We saw Melisandre getting weaker, until she left, and I couldn’t help but feel sad, even though part of me still hates her because of all the people she killed supposedly for the lord of lights. She is still a very interesting character and I hope we will see more of her, because now that we know she is an old lady, it cannot be the end of her! And once again, we got our strong Northern ladies. Arya is finally coming home and getting through with her revenge. That episode with Lord Frey was totally amazing, it’s really good to have her back… and mastering the art of the faceless gods! I’m totally excited for what is awaiting her, and I really want her to be back with Sansa.

Speaking of Sansa, she was extremely awesome this season. She has always been one of my favourite characters, and this season totally overpassed my expectations, with what of finally being back and and at peace with Jon, getting the Lords of the Vale to fight Ramsay, and then killing Ramsay, and finally rejecting Littlefinger. I was totally ready to have her crowned Queen in the North in the season finale, and I have to admit I’m a bit bummed by what happened. The fact that they accept Jon, a bastard, as their king is great. But really, I wanted Sansa to be crowned, she completely deserves it. Jon was supporting her and suddenly BAM he becomes king… I totally didn’t see that coming.

But anyway, we will get to see more of Sansa Badass Stark in the next season, or at least, we better. The last awesome lady I wanted to mention is Lyanna Mormont. We have all noticed that kid who can talk better than grown men, and supported the Starks without second thoughts. I really like the fact that we have some more Mormont characters introduced on the show, because they are definitely interesting, and oh boy, this kid is just amazing!

More stuff I liked:

* Davos becomeing Jon’s right hand just like that
* Arya killing the blonde bitch
* Jaime and Brienne
* Lady Olenna getting her shit together even though she has no family left that we know of and forming an alliance with the Sand Snakes because why not
* Tyrion swearing allegiance to Daenerys and becoming the Hand of the Queen
* Pod is still alive
* Jon finally cut his hair
* Bran’s plot omg how could I forget that! First of all, I’m so glad we have him back this season, and I totally love his plot. He learns so many interesting things, and so do we which is great. He is not the three eyed raven which I supposed is pretty badass. We finally learned who his true parents were. We finally confirmend that Benjen Stark was not dead, and I expect we have not seen the end of him. And Bran is going home!

* Daenerys has finally managed to form strong alliances and is finally sailing to Weteros. There are more and more interconnections between the characters and I just love it. Team badass is going to take the Iron Throne, and Tyrion is going to get his revenge on his sister! (oh and I just love the friendship between Varys and Tyrion)

Now, a few things which broke my heart I disliked:

* Hold the door
* Rickon’s death
* Bringing back (supposedly?) dead character like Edmure and the Hound for no reason when there are already so many things happening
* Margery and Loras were totally wasted in that last episode

Overall, so many things happened, I loved it, and I can’t wait for next season! (And I finally managed to get a proper article together, damn , I was planning on writing this on Monday so I could post other things this week…) Anyway, feel free to comment with your opinion below, I would love to discuss the show! Have a nice day!


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