The One: My Review


Genre: YA, Dystopia, Romance
Rating: ★★★★☆
Written by Kiera Cass, released in 2014

Warning: Contains spoilers for The Selection and The Elite, and also for The One because I have things I need to talk about!

The story:

In this third instalment of The Selections series, the Elite contains only four members left, and the rebel threat is getting bigger and bigger. America realises that this competition is more than what she expected of it, and must make choices that will determine her future life…

My opinion:

This book had many aspects I enjoyed but first I wanted to talk about the few things that annoyed me. That is to say, first, the fact that Maxon and America never talk things through and always get into misunderstandings and getting mad at each other. Like, seriously. This is not how you handle this whole relationship thing, people. And the second thing, which also has to do with this is this whole fake love triangle with Aspen. It’s not really that I dislike him, I was just annoyed with the fact that again, they didn’t talk things through with America, though it proved in the ed that they have both moved on. And really America, you could have told Maxon earlier, there are absolutely no excuses.

That put aside, I really enjoyed this book. I really like the setting, and enjoy the writing style. Many people say they dislike America, but I don’t, though I sometimes find her a bit frustrating. And I like most characters, except maybe for King Clarkson, but that makes sense since he is not actually supposed to be likable.

One of the things I really enjoyed in this book is the fact that we finally got to know the remaining members of the Elite a bit more. I even found myself rooting for Celeste, she has one of the best character evolution through the series, and her ending really broke my heart. (And now that I think about it, it reminds me of Anne’s ending which basically crushed me… Kiera Cass tried to make it acceptable by barely mentioning it but HELL to the NO I am not okay… But back to business.)

We got to know and like Celeste (at least I did). We also got to know Kriss a little better, which was really great in my opinion, because through the entire previous books I had besically felt that she was just there and I didn’t really know one… It was good to get to know and understand her better. The same goes for Elise, and she was really an interesting character. They are not my favourites, but it was great to learn more about them and to see America bonding with them.

I also really enjoyed the fact that through each of the book we got to know Queen Amberly a little better. She is really a great character, and feels really human, I like that about her. Speaking of royals, bringing back Nicoletta in such a way was DEFINITELY and interesting twist and one of my favourite parts of the book.

Now what was new in this book?

The Northerners of course! First, Georgiana and Auguste are awesome characters, and a great addition to the story. And their whole plot was like, the thing missing from the series. Every time we learnt more about them, and who was part of the movement I was like WOW and OMG and HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS COMING. That turned out really great.

The last thing I wanted to discuss is how the plot unfolded in the end so again, WARNING, SPOILERS. The final attack was definitely something predictable and I had really mixed feelings about it. The fact that Maxon would eventually find out about Aspen was also rather obvious, but the way it happened made me totally frustrated.

The rest was rather predictable, but also really enjoyable, satisfying and beautifully made! My opinion on this book is overall positive, and I can’t wait to get my hand on the rest of the series, because I’m really curious!

Recommended for:

YA & Dystopia lovers, people who like royalty stories and such. Check it out if you like Red Queen and/or The Lunar Chronicles

PS: On my previous post you can watch my first ever Booktube video, I am so excited!


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