July TBR


(not my best pictures but anyway)

So I realised I hadn’t shared my July TBR yet and I decided it was high time I posted it! Since the month has already started, I had time to do some reading. I’m supposed to be on holidays but I have so many things to do I’ll try not to be too over optimistic!

I have already read:

Leurs contes de Perrault (Remake)

Leurs contes de Perrault, a collection of short stories by 11 different authors.

I am currently reading:

New World: Ashes (New World #2)

New World: Ashes by Jennifer Wilson

I am currently listening to:

The Silver Linings Playbook

The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthews Quick

I want to reread:
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

I want to read:
Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwyne
Vicious by Victoria Schwab
Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

And if I have some time I would love to read some more, but we will see what the future brings! If I can stick to my TBR for once it would be awesome…


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