New World Ashes: My Review


WARNING: As this is a sequel, I strongly advise you not to read it if you don’t want to get spoiled for the first book… Now read at your own risk!

Genre: YA, Dystopia
Rating: ★★★★.5
Released by Oftomes in June

The story:

Pheonix grew up on her own in the streets of Tartarus, changing her hiding place every night to protect herself from the Tribes, and following her late’s father’s advice from the the diary he left her. But her life is transformed when she joins the Subversive and decides to fight along them in a war against the Sanctuary – the city behind the Walls – and the Tribes.

Now separated from the only two peoples she cares about – her boyfriend Triven, and Mouse, a little girl she wants to protect – Phoenix realises there was more to her past than what she thought she knew. And more than ever, she wants to destroy Fandrin, the minister in charge of all this madness… But first, she has to escape. And second, she doesn’t even know if her friends are alive.

My opinion:

Well, first thing I can tell you is that this book was a hell of a ride!

The second thing is more of a warning than an opinion: this book contains much violence, and I have to admit I almost gave it up around 25% because it was too much for me. (Those who have read the book will understand, the others, I will leave you the suspense because I don’t want to ruin the story for you!) But I did not give up, and oh boy, it was totally worth it!

The story is really action packed, you never rest for a second. This new installment introduced new characters to the story, and I really enjoyed how complex they were. I have to admit I missed some of the character from the first book (like Doc Porters and Arden) but the new people from the Sanctuary totally made up for that! I especially like Ryker and Inessa.

What I also really admire in this book is Phoenix’s character evolution from the beginning of book one, and through this second volume. She came to care about people, to fight for a cause. She became stronger than she could possibly have been on her own. Her evolution plays a very important part in this book, and I really love it. She keeps fighting for what she deems important and I just really love that about her. I think she is a rather unique character, on the one hand because she is an incredible fighter, and also because caring about people is not something she is used to, and that makes her different. It is interesting to read about her, and how she changes, and how she makes her choices.

One of my favourite parts was when we learnt about Mouse’s past, and when we learnt about Phoenix’s parents before they left the Sacntuary.

Amazing main character
Amazing character development
Great secondary characters and new characters
Unexpected plot twists
A great cause to fight for
Great flashbacks
Pleasant writing style
The love line is not the main focus and it’s extremely believable

Frustrating beginning

Overall, I came for this book with high expectations, and while the first part was extremely frustrating, those expectations were totally fulfilled, and now I am so excited for the sequel, and I know I won’t be disappointed either!

Recommended for:

I feel like in some ways it is similar to other dystopias like The Hunger Games or the Divergent series, so if you are looking for books which are similar, go for it! If you want a book with a strong heroine, then I definitely recommend it as well!


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