The Liberty Box: My Review


I received an ARC copy for this book in exchange for a honest review.

Genre: New Adult, Dystopia
Released in October, 2015
Written by C.A. Gray
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Book 1 in The Liberty Box Trilogy. Book 2 is getting released today! In honour of this I will be co-hosting a giveaway, I will share the information later on my Instagram @Clemireads, so stay tuned!

The story:

Set in a future where the United States have lost money and power, The Liberty Box is a dystopia where the entire population of the country is brainwashed to believe they are prosperious, properly fed and happy. Which they are not.

Kate has everything. She is beautiful, and is a famous news anchor on national TV. That is, until she finds out her former roommate has been declared Enemy of the State and killed by fire squad. Flashbacks from her childhood come back, and she realises there is more to the Republic of America than she thought there was. Soon she has to go on the run.

Jackson lives in Iceland with his uncle and aunt, and is coming back to America for his mother’s funeral. His grandfather has taught him mind control, and as soon as he sets foot in the country, he realises something is off. Withing two hours, he is taken by the government and put in the “Liberty Box” to get hold of his brain waves. But he won’t have it that way.

My opinion:

I really liked the fact that this book managed to surprise me. It is in many ways a typical dystopian story, but the main characters, Kate and Jackson, are different from other typical dystopian heroes, and I really appreciated that. This book managed to be not too predictable, and even had a crazy cliffhanger at the end which I totally did not expect!

I think the concept for this book was extremely interesting. On the one hand, we have a desease inoculated to the entire population, and technology that control their brain waves and makes them believe that they are prosperous. And on the other hand, we have Jackson who can control his own mind with his willpower. Both aspects I found extremely interesting, however it often felt that something was missing in the overall world building. I was not entirely pulled into the story, as much as I wanted to.

I enjoyed reading that book, and meeting new refugees through the story. The good thing is that the more we read, the more we learnt about this crazy dystopia and how it worked, and the more things happened… And now I’m dying to read book 2 because there are so many things I want to have answered, and also I want to see how the characters will deal with this whole situation, so I have to day, that ending got me really curious.

Overall, I gave the book 3 stars on Goodreads, but my actual rating is more like 3.5 stars, for a book that managed to grab my attention with an interesting world building that got me really curious. As for the plot itself, it really got more intense towards the ening, so now I have to dive into book two!

Recommended for:

First of all, obviously to dystopian lovers. And it also reminded me in some ways of Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn. Maybe it’s because of all the mind things and futuristic aspects of both stories. But anyway, if you liked that one then I would definitely recommend The Liberty Box!

And finally, I made a little video on my booktube channel in honour of the release day of the sequel, The Eden Conspiracy!


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