Vicious: My Review


Vicious is one of V.E. (or Victoria) Schwab’s most known novel, and it was first published in 2013.

Genre: Adult Fiction, Urban Fantasy
My rating: ★★★★☆

The story:

Victor and Eli are college students and roomates. Smart, both at the top of the class, they don’t entirely feel like they belong. When it’s time to choose what they want to do on their thesis, they start getting interested in EOs -ExtraOrdinary humans- and get entangled in a loop of near-death experiences which will change them forever.

Ten years later, Victor is coming out of prison, and their friendship is long gone. While Victor tries to find Eli, he stumbles across a young girl with an incredible power. In the meantime, Eli eradicates every single EO he comes across, except for his partner, who apparently convinced him to keep her alive.

Vicious is a heart-gripping tale of heroes and villains, where it is hard to see who is making the right choices. One thing is sure, not everyone will come out of it alive. But who is the hero, and who is the villain? Maybe there are no good guys… (Yes, that’s a quote from The 100, which is extremely fitting in this situation.)

My opinion:

Wow. This book is incredible. I have to say, it is a hell of a ride. It’s really intense, I had to put it down every so often to just catch up mentally with the story. This book is incredible, it’s dangerous and scary, and yet you can’t help wanting to find out what will happen next.

What did I think about this book, really? Well, overall, it left me quite speechless with a lot of feelings fighting inside of me. As a urban fantasy, it didn’t fail to leave me that feeling of what if it was real…

Victor and Eli seem to be impossible to like, and yet it’s easy to get attached, especially to Victor. They both feel so human (well, superhuman actually, but you see what I mean), and even though I know I don’t agree with most of their opinions/things they do, I often found that I would understand them. This book just gets you right in the feels…

The thing I liked the most was how all the characters were incredible, especially the “side characters” like Mitch and Sidney. They too, had their weaknesses and their wrong decisions, but they were also really endearing in my opinion, and it was somehow easy to get attached to them…

I find it really hard to review this book because 90% of the time I was like what the hell is going on or boy this is awful. And the rest of the time I had put the book down to breeathe.

Good points:
incredible story
really original
amazing characters
short chapters
good storytelling

And I loved how the story moved smoothly between past and present!

Less good points:

Some part of me was still irking at all the violence and evilness at some points. And in a way, I guess this book was a bit overhyped for me. I just heard so many good things about it that it set incredible expectations for me, and when I read it, it was not entirely what I had expected. But I guess that’s my fault…

But overall, I really liked it, and would definitely recommend it, because I found it different and unique!


I guess it’s better to put a warning before!

Stop reading right now if you don’t wait to be spoiled…

I really liked how the book turned out at the very end. Victor’s plan was just amazing, he found the right way to get Eli punished, and I just love the very last sentences, it just gave me a lot of feels!


Recommended for:

Paranormal lovers, and people who like dark stories of revenge and anti-heroes.


6 thoughts on “Vicious: My Review

  1. I’m glad you ended up liking this one! I gave it a full five-star rating, but I do wonder if it’d be lower had I heard of all the hype. I pretty much picked it up knowing nothing but that I liked the author’s works (ADSOM and AGOS). It is incredibly different and the characters are amazing. What didn’t you like about the violence and evilness, exactly? 😛

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    1. I think the thing that disturbed me the most is how convinced Eli was that he was doing the right thing! And as much as I disliked Serena, her ending was a bit of a schock to me as well… But overall it was a really great book!


      1. I actually really liked Serena and enjoyed the ending that she had… mostly because I can’t see it happening any other way that would be “peaceful”. And Eli just reminds me of those “angel of mercy” murderers I keep seeing on Criminal Minds. 😛

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