August TBR


Hi guys! I was supposed to be a camp councellor in August but it’s been a terrible experience and I quit. It feels really weird to say this but that’s how it is. I had a lot to go through this year with what of my family problems, moving back with my parents, and as you may remember from previous posts, college and depression. I am working hard on all of this, and really doing better. However this was too much for me.

So it turns out I may be able to read more than I expected!

This month, I’m going to try and read some books I have borrowed and need to return to either friends or my local library, and I am also going to try and finish some books that have been on my Goodreads TBR shelf for ages! (And when I say ages, I mean years, literally.)

So basically, some of those books I’m going to try and read are on the picture above, and for the rest, we shall see, like every month anyway!

As for my current read, I had it voted on my Books Amino account (you can add me, I am Clemi Reads!) and the result was that I should read All the Light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr! Attachements was a close second, so I will read it soon as well.

As for other books that are not pictured, I am now part of C.A. Gray’s street team, so hopefully you will get to read reviews of her books on here very soon!

Hope you all have a great reading month!


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