Six of Crows: My Review


I read Six of Crows as part of a readalong on Books Amino, and I have to say, at first I was not really fond of it. But it has such great reviews, and hype around it, so I kept reading. And about half-way through it, I started liking it more.

Genre: YA, Fantasy
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Release year: 2015
My rating: ★★★☆☆

Six of Crows is part of a duology, and its sequel Crooked Kingdom has just been released on September 27th. These books are also set in the same universe as The Grisha Trilogy (I have only read the first book Shadow and Bone and you can check my review for it here).

The story:

Six outcasts go on a suicidal mission to retrieve a man in the Fjerdan prison, a man who possesses a secret that could transform the world. Led by professional thief Kaz Brekker, the team is also composed of a silent spy known as the Wraith (but whose actual name is Inej), a Grisha Heartrender, a Fjerdan who stands accused of slave trade, a sharpshooter who is addicted to gambling, and the son of a merchant who ran away from home. Together, they must reach the Fjerdan capital, and help a mysterious man escape from the best guarded prison in the world. But in order to do that, they have to stay alive, and not kill one another first…

My opinion:

Though I believe that this book is overrated, I definitely did enjoy it in the end, and I will definitely read Crooked Kingdom.

The same thing happened to me when I read Shadow and Bone, I had a really hard time getting into the story. I really love this universe, and I really like the concept of the Grisha too. However at first I found that the story was a bit lacking, and I couldn’t understand why everyone seemed to find this book so extraordinary. However, as I read, the characters grew on me. With each part, I liked this book better, and became really attached to all the characters, even those I thought I wouldn’t like at first. (And by the way, my favourite is Inej, with Jesper and Nina close behind! Who is your favourite?)

What I enjoyed the most, probably, is all the back stories that were instilled little by little throughout the book. This way, we get to know them more little by little, and understand who they are, their motives, and what made them who they are. This is definitely something I appreciate in books, and it’s what made me like the characters better.

Though many things felt rather unrealistic, I just went with it and decided to enjoy the story the way it was. Maybe I’m growing too old for YA (though I didn’t think that was possible!) or maybe this was just not the best book for me.

One things that is great though is the plot twist. I definitely found that this book was unpredictable. We see Kaz plan everything meticulously, and we know that things will probably go wrong somewhere, but we don’t know where, when or how and that makes it surprising and great. Since the story moves from character to character, we also don’t know all the plan, and all the things that happened, and that adds to the element of surprise. Usually, when you read a book with different POVs, you know more than each characters, but here it doesn’t play in favour of the reader, and we are just as ignorant as the other characters, and I found that this was definitely an interesting story construction. I kept getting surprised until the end, and this is probably what made me like the book more as the story went by!

Recommended for:

People who like fantasy, and enjoy a story with thieves, outcasts, and overall characters who are not your usual hero.


This is only my opinion and I would love to discuss it with you all in the comments! Have a nice day!


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