Justice Buried: My Review


Justice Buried is the first book in the Starbright trilogy by Hilary Thompson, which was republished by Oftomes earlier this year. It is also a free ebook on Amazon!

Genre: YA, Dystopia
First publication: 2014
My rating: ★★★★✩

The story:

A hundred years ago, a sickness ravaged the Earth. The people of Asphodel retreated to their underground city for safety, and to respect a prophecy that predicted their future.

Now, Astrea is turning in a few week, and she is supposed to be the girl of the prophecy, though she does not believe she is. On her birthday, which also happense to be Choosing Day, she will choose her partner for life, Lexan, the second part of the prophecy. And with Astrea as a first leader, she people of Asphodel will be able to come back to the surface.

Except Astrea is not ready to accept her fate. She keeps questioning it, even if it is what was written in the stars. She makes unexpected allies, and soon realises it may be worse to have a choice, than to have no choice at all…

My opinion:

It took me a little while to get into the story. I have to say that at first I was a bit confused, and not sure what to make of it. But little by little, it grew on me, and I liked it more and more. It also has incredible plot twists, which were a great surprise! Some parts may have been a bit predictable, but it also had some unexpected twists which I really enjoyed.

I picked up this book because it was published by Oftomes, and as you may or may not know, I am planning on reading all of their books because first I really like them, and also I want to support this company. So I was part of the release day campaign back in June, and then it was only a question of time to know when I would read it. Since I moved in my dorm, I started reading ebooks on my phone while my meal was cooking, and this was my first pick, and I totally do not regret it! (Yes, I know, it is totally unrelated.) I also downloaded the next volume in the series, which I will try to read soon, but in the meantime, let me just review this one!

I really liked the fact that though this is a dystopia, it seemed much more unique than other already existing ones. It has a really original aspect with all the astrology that is inserted in people’s lives, and how it determines everything, and I found that really interesting.

The idea of a prophecy is not something that is really original either (with Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, and more) but again, this one was a bit different from others. This time, it is not a prophecy about defeating some dark force, like we can have in fantasies, but more of a prophecy which will allow society to evolve, and again, I found that it was an original and interesting idea.

I really like Astrea’s character, however I have to admit that the romantic aspects of this novel were not really my cup of tea. I understand her, however, and support her decisions. It is obvious that having your future husband picked up for you is a very annoying idea, and I agree with Astrea on that aspect of the story. However I am not a huge fan of love triangles, and I wasn’t expecting one in this story… So that annoyed me a little. But other than that, I really like Astrea’s character development, and all the questionings on choices: it is horrible to have no choice at all, but sometimes choices can be extremely hard to do, and this books is the very proof of this.

Recommended for:

In some ways, it reminded me of The 100 (both the TV show, which I am a huge fan of, and the books by Cass Morgan) as well as other Oftomes publication New World: Rising by Jennifer Wilson, so if you like any of those, you might like Justice Buried as well! I also recommend it to people who like dystopias in general, as this one also has its unique touch compared to popular ones like The Hunger Games or Divergent. And finally, if you are interested in zodiac signs, astrology and such, then you might like this as well!

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