My debuts as an exchange student

Hi everyone, here is a little update on how things have been going for the past few weeks!

As you probably know, I left for Berlin at the end of September, to be an exchange student here for a year through the Erasmus program. I am studying literature as a Master student at the Freie Universität, and at the same time, working on a thesis with my tutor in Paris. Again, I know I have already mentioned it somewhere: I am working on retellings of Cinderella. I am only getting started, but I am really excited about all the endless possibilities for my work!

I have been going through a lot last year, self-confidence being something I do not know, being socially awkward, facing failure and those are only a few issues. It was hard to move back with my parents, and I wanted to leave, which is one of the main reasons I applied to be an Erasmus student. Though this is not the only reason. As far as I remember, I have always wanted to study abroad. It just seemed like the logical things to do.

I have to admit, Berlin was my last choice. I applied for colleges in Scotland and England first, but since I did learn some German when I was in middle school and high school, I figured, why not apply for Berlin too, everyone says it is amazing. And I also felt that if I requested school from different countries, I had more chances to go. And I guess I was right!

So here I am now. I have been here for a bit more than two weeks. My German is terrible. And classes start on Tuesday (since I don’t take any course on Monday). I am enrolled for three of them, and the last one I couldn’t enroll since the university enrolled me in the wrong department. But it’s a class in French (yay) and it’s about African Literature which looks terribly interesting, so I really hope I will be accepted.

I feel that being a student is both extremely amazing and extremely complicated. It’s amazing because you get to learn so many things, and you get to meet people who share the same interests you do. But then again, it’s complicated because you are just starting to become an adult, and have so many things to deal with. It is so very confusing, and yet I am absolutely enjoying it at the moment.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this article. I had these really great ideas on my mind, but now that I’m writing it my mind is completely blank.

I’m living in a dorm right now, and I was scared that since I would arrive and know no one, and be alone in my room, I would get depressed again. However, I am so very fine, I am impressed. I guess I really feel better. And I love being on my own (which is something I already knew).

So far, I have met lots of amazing people. I can say that Germans are very welcoming, and I met a lot of international students like me. It is great to see that we share this thing in common, we all came here to study because we wanted to try this new experience, because we love traveling. I think I have found somewhat of a place here, with people whom I can relate to, and it’s really amazing. I am so glad I decided to leave. And it’s only the beginning.

Surprisingly, what I miss the most from home is my friends (and I’m not saying this because some of them will read this, hi guys ♥). I just, at some points, really want to hug someone and that makes me miss my friends a lot. But that’s the only drawback. I talk to my family several times a week, and I don’t even miss my bookshelves! I tried to bring things in my room that would make me feel good, and I think I did well. I have some books I haven’t read yet, my funkos, and some fandom posters and the wall, as well as a few postcards. I am rather proud of my room, it has like this cosy vibe that I like.

If you have one thing to remember from this article, it’s that studying abroad is an amazing experience. If you have the opportunity, go, you won’t regret it!

If you want to watch it, I also made a video of some of the things I have seen ever since I arrived!

Thanks for reading and watching if you did!

Ps: This is apparently my 300th post so I thought I would mention it because wow, I never thought I would get there! Thank you so much for sticking up until now! Or welcome if you are new, of course!


9 thoughts on “My debuts as an exchange student

  1. I hope you have a wonderful time 🙂 I had to choose between the UK or Japan for my year abroad and I chose Japan, but I still wonder what would have happened in Sheffield if I had gone there. Anyway, studying abroad makes you feel so many things! Being on my own made me realize I was stronger than I thought, and I made the best of friends at my dorm. I wish you all the best, and I’m sure you’ll have a brilliant time 🙂

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  2. How exciting! Your thesis sounds AMAZING, and Berlin looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I’ve never been there, but I’m feeling the need to now. It’s good to hear you’re settling in well, and best of luck in your studies! Thanks for sharing the video with us. =)

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