One more life update before Christmas!

Hi readers! I hope you are all haveing a great time for Christmas break with the people you love, because it’s what Christmas is all about. I flied hope for Christmas to be with my family (which is not as feisty as it sounds) and I will be with my high school friends for New Year’s Eve, and I am really excited about this, because for the first time ever, I will celebrate New Year’s on the beach!!

In the past few weeks, I have been extremely busy with studying, and also spending time with my Berlin friends, and traveling around Germany. I am having such a good time there, I didn’t even want to come home for Christmas. (But here I am, reunited with my bookshelves…) I will be flying back on January 2nd anyway.

In the meantime, I made a new travel video, so if you are curious, here it is!

I don’t think I have mentioned it yet, so I also wanted to thank you all for 300 followers! I never expected that to ever happen when I started this blog. I never expected myself to be that involved either (though I have been slacking lately). And this makes me extremely happy. I have found something I really enjoy, something that makes me really excited. And that is fantastic, isn’t it? So thank you all for being with me on this journey.

While I’m bragging, one of my recent videos got over 100 views which is absolutely crazy. So thanks again. And I made my first sale on Etsy, which is also something I had stopped believing in!

I hope all sorts of wonderful things happen to you as well. Merry Christmas, and I will see you soon ♥


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