Day 21: My Review


Day 21 is the second book in The 100 series by Kass Morgan. It was published in 2014. The TV show (which is one of my favourite shows ever) was loosely based on this book series. And when I say loosely, I really mean it. While reading the books, you can either consider you are reading fanfiction – but that would be weird since it’s more of the other way around – or just another story, based in the same kind of universe. Just keep in mind that if you go into this book series because of the TV show, you might be disappointed.

Anyway. I read the first book about two years ago, after season 2 aired, because I was cruelly missing the story. That was back then, before I started this blog. I have to say, I did not get into the book with high expectations, because one of my friends told me she couldn’t even finish it. But I still wanted to form my opinion on this book, and I was dying to get more content on The 100, so I picked it up, and I eventually gave it 4 stars. While it truly is very different from the show – we get some completely new characters in the books, like Thalia, Graham or Glass – it still was a very enjoyable story. Not remarkable, but still a nice read. Anyway, back to the subject of this article.

Title: Day 21 (The 100 #2)
Author: Kass Morgan
Publication: September 2014
Genre: YA, Science Fiction
My rating: ★★★★☆

Warning: May contain spoilers on BOOK 1 and SEASON 1 & 2

The story:

At the end of book one, Clarke and Bellamy are out of camp, looking for Octavia, while the camp is attacked, and the 100 find out they are not actually alone on the ground.

In the meantime, in space, Phoenix cut itself from Arkadia and Walden to preserve air, because the colony is running out of it, but Glass left her mother behind to be with Luke, and together they try to find a way to survive.

On the ground, it’s getting harder and harder. Food is running out, Clarke got bit by a snake, people get mysteriously sick, or killed by Earthborns. Wells tries his best to be a good leader, but he is tested when they capture a young Earthborn called Sasha, who is roughly their age, and pretends her people have nothing to do with the deaths, or Octavia’s disappearance.

Through and through, the 100 have to fight for survival (and the book ends with a stunning revelation which totally blew my mind…)

My opinion:

The second book in the series was nicely done, introducing new characters such as Sasha, and delving more into our main characters’ past – especially Bellamy and Wells. While I still like the TV show better, I really enjoyed this book as well. I believe the characters are also well made, decent and believable fictional human beings.

Honestly, this book was full of surprises for me. As it doesn’t follow the same plot as the TV show, I never knew what to expect, and it was really pleasant. I think the world building is well-made, and the story is full of twists. I probably enjoyed this one even better as the first book in the series. And I really love all the things that are different from the show. I know my opinion is a lot influenced by this show because I’m completely obsessed with it (I have seen season 1 at least 4 times) and I’m not even sorry for it. I know I always claim it is better to read the book first but I don’t always do it…

Anyway. I really love all the points that are different from the TV show. I don’t want to put too much spoilers, but all the plot evolving around Clarke’s parents for example is really interesting. Well’s character, which was quickly killed in the show, is very different in the book, and very much alive. He is a very interesting characters, with his qualities, and of course, his flaws. Lilly’s character, who is present in both Clarke and Bellamy’s backstory is also a genius addition to this story. The way Mount Weather is presented in the books is also something I really appreciate, and I hope we get to see more of it in the sequels.

What I also like doing is making parallels between book characters that are only present in the books, and show characters that are only in the show, and events, and everything. Some things are based on some other things and I just love trying to make all the connections. (Okay this was just a random comment, I know).

Finally, I just wanted to say I’m really excited about reading the sequels, and curious as to what will happen to all these characters next. Just so you know, The 100 will probably be back on my blog very soon!

bellamy blake

(And I couldn’t not finish this article with a gif of Bellamy because he is king ♥)

PS: Bellarke is canon in the books ♥


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